Signs of life: Curvy roads, cows and snakes

Beleaguered sign makers will tell you, sometimes it’s damnably difficult to make signs make sense to motorists who speed by faster than they should — and sometimes, the story is just too difficult for pictures.

Take this one, posted on Twitter by @Weasel3071:

What does this sign mean? Sign near Bolinas, wherever than is. On Twitter from @Weasel3071.

@Weasel3071 asked reasonably, “What is happening here?

What do you think, Dear Reader?

Responses cover a lot of territory, and of course the flying cows of “Tornado” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” got mentions.

One response appears to come from an actual sign maker, who expresses sign maker frustration.

Other responses hint that some people may be modifying actual cow warning signs, in New Mexico or Nevada.

Not just once, but twice — so you know it must be true.

What say you, dear reader? Falling cows? Snake eating a cow?

And, shouldn’t it be “.1 mile” instead of “miles?”

Tip of the old scrub brush to @Weasel3071.

2 Responses to Signs of life: Curvy roads, cows and snakes

  1. onkelbob says:

    Bolinas CA. The locals do not like nor invite visitors. It’s a winding road from Point Reyes, and the locals are known to hurl cows at those who intrude upon them. Hence: Beware of trebuchet flung cows on this winding road.

    Or it’s Caltrans being Caltrans.

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  2. 1 mile instead of 1 miles for sure. I fear those that say something like beware of falling rocks! Signs that warn you that bridge may ice but it it July in Texas don’t make any sense. Guess the county is too cheap to change them.

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