Living with a pirate cat: Cap’n Jack

July 14, 2013

A true story.  I know the woman who wrote it.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow, the pirate cat

Cap’n Jack Sparrow, the pirate cat. Note the hole in his right ear, no doubt left from when he wore an earring. This photo was in the vet’s office, the day he got his cone of shame off, after his tail stub had healed sufficiently.

From the Animal Rescue Site, back in April:

I was walking to my truck at the commuter rail parking lot when I heard a cat crying loudly. He was under the truck. I knelt down and held my hand out and he came over for scratches. Of course I scooped him up — no way was I leaving him in that parking lot on a cold December evening. He sat next to me the 8 miles home purring loudly while I petted him. He was a small, very dirty black kitty with a hole in one ear, a terrible wound all the way around his tail, scratches on his face, worms and fleas — he was a mess. The vet had to amputate his tail, now a little nub. We weren’t going to name him, because we already had an elderly dog and older cat and didn’t want more animals, so we figured to find him a good home and let the new owner name him. The vet had other ideas. She looked at the hole in his ear, announced his name as Captain Jack Sparrow and we just HAD to keep him because he was such a love sponge. We thought he was a kitten because of his size, but she said the worms had stunted his growth and he was actually a young adult. Four months later he is a healthy, very finky force to be reckoned with — tearing around the house, tormenting the older cat and dog. But when he puts his paws around my neck, purring and rubbing my face, all is forgiven. The name really does fit him — he’s a fierce little pirate who knows the way to your heart.

Dallas, TX


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