Truth in a fair fight: Eli Rabett explains Gates Foundation’s good work against malaria

September 21, 2010

Good works are oft’ interred with the bones of the good workers, according to that Brutus Mark Antony guy — and at Watts Up With That, many work to bury any good workers, too.

So, a specially-scrubbed carrot is due Eli Rabett, who details the good works of the Gates Foundation against malaria, just to counteract the clamor of the howling at WUWT.

. . . since this started with an attack on Bill Gates, it is important to understand at least some of the interesting things that the Gates Foundation is doing to help fight malaria.

Among these, Affordable Medicines for Malaria (AMFM), is one of the cleverest, and may even work. The idea is that AMFM will buy ACT (artemisinin combination therapy – something else the Wattoids didn’t know about) drugs directly from the manufacturers in huge amounts at deep discount, and pass the drugs on to the distributors, public health agencies, private wholesale pharmacies, and NGOs at so far below cost that even counterfeit drugs cost more. The private wholesalers can take their profit.

One may hope someone will find the magic bullet to fight malaria.  There’s the Ghost of Santayana pacing the chalkboard again, however:  Our experience shows that magic is not real, no magic bullet has ever existed against malaria, and DDT is not now the magic bullet it never was in the first place.  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” Ghost of Santayana mutters.

A special place in hell is reserved for those who remember the past, but tell false tales about it instead.

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