“Eat your peas, Gregor”

July 20, 2011

Gregor Mendel was born July 20 in 1822.

Google’s doodle honors the man now generally regarded as the “father of modern genetics.”  The Washington Post blogs note, “Rare is the monk who gets to be celebrated for passing down his genes.”

Oblivious to Mendel’s work and significance, and to much else in the world of knowledge, the Texas State Board of Education debates how to frustrate the teaching of evolution with hearings in Austin tomorrow, and a vote on supplementary materials to texts in biology on Friday, July 22.

Mendel would urge, pray for Texas and the children who will be saddled with the decision of the Texas SBOE.

Look up something about Mendel.  Maybe we could all learn something from him.

Google doodle - gregormendel11-hp

Google Doodle honoring Fr. Gregor Mendel, "father of modern genetics"

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