Cultural geography mystery – What city is this?

November 12, 2008

I know the city, and I think there are barely enough clues here to figure this one out.  Let me say it is not Los Angeles, though the clues may have led one to figure that out.  I wonder if you can figure this out, or if maybe there are several places that fill this particular bill.

A friend notes in a recent e-mail:

Nothing quite like going into the nearest Vons (right across from the street from campus), hearing French spoken by two guys exiting the store, standing behind two German speakers, East German accent in line to be checked out by a clerk whose first language is Chinese, and hearing two guys rattling away in Russian in the next checkout line.  Oh–and this is after having lunch at the Vietnamese Pho/Banh joint in the same strip mall.
Do you know the city?  Or, do you know another city that fits this bill?
Tell us in comments.
Answer is now in comments.

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