Typewriter of the moment: Muckraker Upton Sinclair

December 17, 2008

Without typewriter, however.*

A journalist and novelist, labeled by President Theodore Roosevelt as a “muckraker,” Upton Sinclair. The caption to the Associated Press photo said it was Sinclair working on his first movie screenplay in 1943, part of his generally forgotten life in California. In fact, several of his works were made into movies.

Upton Sinclair, Los Angeles Times

Upton Sinclair, from the Los Angeles Times

* I had difficulty getting the images to work in this post.  Odd stuff kept popping up.  Then, as a reader Michael Todd gently noted, I discovered I’d used a picture of Sinclair Lewis in place of Upton Sinclair.

In working to correct the problem, I discovered no photos of Upton Sinclar with his typewriter.  So, here we have Upton Sinclair, without typewriter.  How embarrassing.

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