New Beto ad features Willie Nelson, appropriately, “On the Road Again”

November 5, 2018

U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke’s campaign for the U.S. Senate features travel prominently. Beto’s started out with a listening tour of all 254 Texas counties — something no other politician I can find has done — and continues with visits to every odd corner of the state. Beto’s been on the road constantly for almost two years.

It shows in his rallies, which tend to bring in hundreds where others get a few dozen, and thousands where others may have got a hundred.

To Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again,” Beto O’Rourke.

Willie Nelson’s new song, “Vote ’em Out!”

November 2, 2018

Willie Nelson and Beto O'Rourke (but not at the Austin concert, I think) Image: Rick Kern / WireImage

Willie Nelson and Beto O’Rourke (but not at the Austin concert, I think) Image: Rick Kern / WireImage

Willie says we should vote for Beto, to change things.

Willie: “Take it home with you, spread it around.” Willie Nelson’s live premiere of Vote ‘Em Out performed 9/29/18 at the rally for Beto O’Rourke.

Willie Nelson headlined a rally for Beto O’Rourke in Austin, Texas, that pulled in a crowd of 55,000 people. It’s the largest political rally ever held in Texas.

Republicans call it a mob. Your children and your friends were there.

Willie Nelson Blvd.

August 12, 2012


Willie Nelson Blvd, Austin, Texas - IMGP2228 photo by Ed Darrell (please attribute)

Waiting for the bats in Austin, and I looked up to find I was on Willie Nelson Boulevard!

A star on the sidewalk in Hollywood is nice, I suppose.  But how many recording or film artists get streets named after them in the capital city of their home state?

And, can you list that as a good reference on your sentencing report on a possession charge?

Details, from the Austin American-Statesman:

2nd Street renamed for Willie Nelson

By Sarah Coppola | Thursday, May 27, 2010, 10:55 AM

Part of Second Street will now bear the honorary name Willie Nelson Boulevard.

The City Council approved the change this morning as a tribute to the singer, who has lived in the Austin area nearly 40 years and sold more than 50 million records.

The city will install Willie Nelson Boulevard signs this summer at every block along Second Street from Trinity Street to San Antonio Street. The formal name, mailing addresses and street signs for Second Street will stay the same, but residents and businesses along the street will be able to receive mail using the Willie Nelson Boulevard address, said Mayor Lee Leffingwell, who proposed the idea.

A nonprofit group, Capital Area Statues, is raising money to put a full-size statue of Nelson on Second Street, in front of the new Austin City Limits studio. That nonprofit commissioned the sculpture and unveiled a smaller version of it earlier this month.

More Willie Nelson

Quote of the moment: Doug Sahm on Texas music

April 14, 2011

Doug Sahm, Magnet Magazine photo

Doug Sahm, 1941-1999, Magnet Magazine photo

“I’m a part of Willie Nelson’s world and I love it, but at the same time, I’m part of the Grateful Dead’s world. One night I might be playing twin fiddles at the Broken Spoke and the next night I’ll be down at Antone’s playing blues. In that way Texas is a paradise, because all that music is here.”

Doug Sahm, 1975

Tip of the old scrub brush to Un Perla, Por Favor.

Chess games of the rich and famous: Willie Nelson

October 11, 2009

Willie Nelson playing chess on the band bus - Texas School of Music Collection

Willie Nelson playing chess on the band bus - Texas School of Music Collection

Did Willie ever play Ray Charles in chess?  Did anyone get a photo of the game?

Patoski’s bio on Willie Nelson wins TCU Texas Book Award

April 12, 2009

As Joe Nick Patoski put it on his blog, and I have been remiss in failing to mention, Patoski’s book on Willie Nelson won the TCU Texas Book Award.  The book is Willie Nelson, an epic life.

Friends and neighbors, please click on the letter and it’ll make it big enough so you can actually read what it says.

Woo hoo and Yee haw!

Good news!  Now, can we get Willie’s houses in Fort Worth noted on some tour?


Incomplete history and Willie Nelson

December 27, 2008

Fort Worth Weekly did a story on Willie Nelson’s living in Fort Worth in the 1950s.  The writer drove by Willie’s old haunts.

But no pictures? No directions on how to get to the future shrines?  How is the National Register of Historic Places supposed to find the things?

The Weekly was doing what might amount to a local sidebar on Willie Nelson: An Epic Life, Joe Nick Patoski’s biography of the composer and singer.  The Weekly needs to learn a bit about including web links, and especially about including photographs!

(Who’s going to get Patoski’s book, get the addresses, and post photos?)

Accuracy note: I linked to Robert Hilburn’s review of the book in the Los Angeles Times; he has another version of the story of Willie’s first wife, Martha, sewing him in the bedsheets when he came home drunk, then beating him with a broom.  Hilburn’s review is worth reading just to get this story from another view.

Happy 75th, Willie Nelson

April 30, 2008

He’s on the cover of Texas Monthly looking like the oldest piece of shoe leather south of the Red River (see photo at right — by Platon).  He was featured in the Dallas Morning News last week for “Red Headed Stranger,” the album that broke the country music mold and made him the monument to iconoclasm that he is.  And there’s a new book on  his life from Joe Nick Patoski:  Willie:  An epic life. Texas Monthly cover photo of Willie Nelson, 5-2008

I’ll wager he’s on the road today, ready to make music.

Willie Nelson turns 75 today.

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