Buck Snort (Back from the Wilderness)

I’m back from Tennessee, and I see the world moved on nicely while I was out of electronic communication range.

Does anyone know how Buck Snort, Tennessee, got its name? (It’s at exit 152 of Interstate 40.)

2 Responses to Buck Snort (Back from the Wilderness)

  1. Martha says:

    You know, I’m from Tennessee and I’ve always wondered why they call Buck Snort by that particular moniker. Now Skull Bone Tennessee is a different story. Apparently, the general store there used to be famous for bare knuckle boxing matches wherein, when a person got well and truly punched in the head, it would often break the skin. Attendees at the matches would wait anxiously for such an injury, and when it happened they’d yell, “I can see his skull bone!”

    Or so I’ve been told.


  2. romunov says:

    Well, the planet is a total mess… Kinda like Tennessee… I would imagine.

    About the name – did they have a buck for mayor with bad temper?


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