More belt than Bible

Corporal punishment of students is still legal in Texas. A few school districts use it, extensively — and to good effect, they argue. The Dallas Morning News featured the practice in a front-page story on Sunday, August 20.


Photo by Tom Fox, Dallas Morning News

Photo caption: When principal Anthony Price arrived at Everman Junior High three years ago, he was warned about out-of-control students and threats to teachers. After getting parents’ consent, he instituted paddling last year, and he says he’s seen the results. ‘The building is a pleasure to work in now,’ he says.

See also “Faith, culture are factors in paddling.”

My noting these stories here should not be read as endorsement of the practice.

One wonders how the schools perform on the state exams.

2 Responses to More belt than Bible

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  2. Steve says:

    It is irrelevant how the school performs on state exams. Its a fallacy of adults to think that rating schools as a whole makes any sense. It assumes that all students at the school WANT to learn, when sadly they don’t, most could care less. Its a side effect of the forced public school system (and one major reason why public education has so many problems).

    Regardless of what should be done with such students that could care less to learn, forcing them to attend public school does the school and the students that are there to learn a disservice and only weakens the ability of the school to properly educate those that want to be educated.

    It is doubtful that such corporal punishment is required on the students that are there to learn and more more plausable that it is being used on the students that don’t want to be there. Beating them with a paddle will not make them want to learn, it will only make them more angry and cynical towards education and more willing to promote violence as a mean to their ends.


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