Carnival of Education #81

I failed to note earlier that the Carnival of Education 81 is up over at The Education Wonks.

Blog carnivals offer good opportunities to find blogs that provide great value, or to find blog entries which are individual gems.  When I send notices of these carnivals to other teachers, I always get thank-you notes.  It’s a cheap way to get a minor ego boost (is there any way to get those put down on the evaluation forms?).

One of the things I’m passing along to my Texas history-teaching colleagues from Carnival 81 is this post, a letter from a grandmother to a young boy, about what her schooling was like, in Texas in the 1890s.  From

Miss Gilbert's Music and Elocution Classes, 1891-92, Whitt, TX.

Students at the Parker Institute, Whitt, Texas, 1891-1892 — courtesy of huffenglish

One Response to Carnival of Education #81

  1. […] I was surprised and happy by the reaction to the letter.  The post appeared the in 81st Carnival of Education.  College professor Cyril Kesten plans to ask his students to read the letter and write about their own school memories (link to his comment).  Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub linked the post so that other history teachers in Texas might be able to use it as an educational tool.  I think that Grandma Stella would be very happy that so many people enjoyed learning about her school days. […]


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