10 political regions that make up the U.S.

CommonWealth is a magazine of Massachusetts politics and policy. In their latest issue they feature an article by Robert David Sullivan which argues the U.S. should be viewed as having ten distinct political regions. In “Beyond Red and Blue,” Sullivan argues that a savvy candidate for president can win by paying attention to the real issues that unite the people in these regions into sizable voting blocs.

The fun part of the piece is the map that accompanies it, though (here I use the Boston Globe’s version — I couldn’t get CommonWealth to link).
Beyond Red and Blue map

This map runs contrary to a lot of political thought.  The west Florida coast residents don’t think of themselves as having much in common with the residents of Waco, Texas, for example — but this map shows them voting together.

There is much grist for thought in this map, and in the accompanying article.

It’s the old press guy coming out in me, but I can’t help but notice that many of these political regions are splintered in media markets.  It would be very difficult to devise a strategy to advertise to an entire region.

Of course, if you’re running for president and you need someone who can devise the strategy for targeting these markets, I’m available!  (I do have a good track record, too — my first big client just won his 6th term in the U.S. Senate.)

Tip of the scrub brush to Strange Maps.

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