Ranan Lurie cartoon competition: Sabat, African tsunami


Most readers here are from the United States. I wager you didn’t see this cartoon when it was first published:

Tsunami, 2006 Lurie Award winner, Alberto Sabat, La Nacion, Argentina

This cartoon won the 2006 Ranan Lurie Award for editorial cartooning, an international competition supported by the United Nations Correspondents Association (other 2006 winners here). The title of the cartoon is “African Tsunami.”

The cartoonist is Alberto Sabat, the cartoon was published in La Nacion in Argentina. The award is named after the outstanding cartoonist Ranan Lurie, who himself was once nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his cartoons that promoted peace and understanding.

Political cartoons make classrooms interesting, and often provoke students to think hard and talk a lot about things they should be thinking and talking about. These links provide more sources of classroom material — please remember to note copyright information.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Reclaiming Space.

Update, December 2007: 2007 Lurie Awards announced; my post here, all the 2007 winners at the Lurie Awards site here.

Update, December 2008:  2008 awards post.

Update December 2009:  2009 awards listed here.

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23 Responses to Ranan Lurie cartoon competition: Sabat, African tsunami

  1. […] Remember this cartoon, from Sabat, in Brazil?  It was a commentary on the “tsunami” striking African children, who were not getting aid like victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami were getting. […]



    thats fantastic,am a cartonist and i’ve got such, its good,i like it.would get a job of illustrations and cartoons any where,really,am looking for a job,please help.


  3. Joel Santiago says:

    A tsunami of poverty.

    With the ‘catastrophic movement’ of forces of drought and civil war, it created tremors that shook Africa and resulted to a tsunami of hunger, disease and death.


  4. I J says:

    Who has understood the mind of the Boy?
    I asked my PaPa, and he said to me. Do instructed him
    before he is embarrassing or watching.


  5. URMI says:

    oh!!! pooorrr little boy
    no single drop of water 2


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    Agunug, give Sabat credit for the imagination (imaginisi). I would really like to see more of his work around.


  7. agung says:

    gambar yang bagus dan penuh imajinasi….hebat


  8. ditzy says:

    wut leave da boy alone u freaks!!!!!!


  9. “A wave now, maybe one might come tomorrow, but nothin can wetten my clothes ,because
    if they could I would’nt be here ”

    thanks for sharing this very moving cartoon


  10. […] The United Nations Correspondents Association was scheduled to announce awards, including the Ranan Lurie Cartoon Awards for 2007, at a dinner on December […]


  11. […] if they gave a disaster and nobody cared? Day in and day out, this cartoon of a poor African kid getting hit by a tsunami of drought is among the most popular posts on this blog, and one of the most popular cartoon images on the […]


  12. hostagirl says:

    Amazing…it stirs something in me. Thanks for sharing


  13. Ed Darrell says:

    He’s poor. He has few clothes, if any. It’s hot. His belly is distended, probably from a malnutrition disease, because he’s starving. And he’s being hit by a tsunami of a drought.

    What should he be wearing?


  14. Hmmm!!! says:

    Is there a particular reason why the boy in this picture is standing there naked? All the little boys in Africa are running around naked I guess. Hmmmm….


  15. […] for cartoonists to enter the Ranan Lurie Prize competition at the United Nations is October 1. The winning cartoon from 2006, from Argentinian cartoonist Alfredo Sabat, is one of the most popular ima….” Images pack a punch. If a pen is mightier than a sword, a cartoonist’s pencil and ink […]


  16. Ed Darrell says:

    Somebody else owns that land. The farm can’t be moved. The job and the school are close to home.

    Poor people don’t have the ability to pick up and move to resources or opportunities.


  17. Dave says:

    Not a bad image. However, why am I always seeing clips with “little Jombo has to walk 16 miles each day just to collect water”. Why the f— don’t you move closer to the well?


  18. saeed says:

    please see my blog
    just for my karikature
    it will make me happy
    best wishes !


  19. zara khan says:

    aww how cheet. isnt it such a pity tht they dodnt hav nough water where as we waste it. the poor boy hes saying the drought filled ground as a wave.


  20. silvia says:

    thank’s atas gambar – gambar yang telah ditampilkan gambarnya bagus – bagus deh


  21. ANALIESA says:



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