Education reform still high priority in California

December 1, 2006

The California Majority Report cites a bipartison poll that shows California voters regard education issues as very important. By large majorities, voters say dropouts and overall education quality are key problems, and voters support more spending to work on the problems.

The poll, by Democratic pollster Evans/McDonough and Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies, finds that California voters “are looking for comprehensive changes to the public education system and they support a reform approach combining more funding with tighter financial accountability, including more accessible information.”

Among the poll’s findings:
• By a 60-37 percent margin, voters agree that “additional state funding would lead to better educated students in California”;
• 85 percent believe there are too many students in California leaving school without enough education to make it in today’s economy;
• Nearly 80 percent want either a “complete dismantling and redesign of our public education system” (27%) or “comprehensive reforms that make significant changes to the system” (52%); and
• 84 percent believe “every public school should have the materials and teachers needed to implement standards-based education even if it means increasing education funding”.

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