Molly Ivins

Molly Ivins died tonight. It’s really quite unbelievable, to me.

Here’s the Austin American-Statesman story, “Molly Ivins, queen of liberal commentary, dies.”

Here’s a tribute from Editor & Publisher.  And a recent interview with E&P.

Molly Ivins graphic, copyright Tim Porter 2001

Graphic by Tim Porter, copyright 2001

4 Responses to Molly Ivins

  1. Even the way you said it made me smile. Did you look at my blog and see my writing?



  2. R. Becker says:

    With all due respect, Frecklescassie, you don’t really want to learn to write like Molly Ivins. You want to write like Frecklescassie. Your own voice, your own style. Take her character for a model, her tenacity, her good humor in the face of appalling news [personal and public], but not her writing. Make the writing yours, not warmed over Molly. I suspect she’d tell you the same if she could. Though more succinctly and in a way that made you smile. And the rest of us too….


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Molly Ivins was a great reporter, amazingly accurate. I well recall an article she wrote about an environmental issue in Southern Utah while I staffed for Orrin Hatch. I had hiked much of the state, I’d flown over almost all of it, and as a member of the Governor’s Wilderness Committee I’d been studying maps of each canyon, stream and mountain for months — but she mentioned some formations I’d not heard of in the New York Times. For political purposes, it would have been grand to find her grossly in error, but I checked before we put out any press releases — and lo and behold! Ivins had been to obscure corners of Utah in checking her story that many of us who lived there had not.

    That was the first time I spoke with her, to compliment her on thorough research. ‘Just doing my job,’ she said.

    Some job, letting the facts speak for themselves.


  4. I am so so sad. Molly Ivins is one of my role models and I plan to be a journalist when I am older. I met her once, but only for two minutes, and I am so sad that she died. I really want to learn to write like her.

    I am glad that newspapers and the internet have a record of all of Molly’s writings.

    Austin is naming its newest school for Ann Richards, but maybe the next one after that can be Ivins Elementary.



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