Brain delay: Fiesta de Tejas! stuck in the presses

Point of personal privilege:  I have delayed posting the second Fiesta de Tejas! until at least later today.  Work pileups and a few unexpected occurrences — “check engine” light on the car we just bought? — contributed to the delay.

Oh, and the handbell clinic and festival on Saturday, and a few hours with Mrs. Bathtub and the two little Bathtubs (one home from college, but you get the idea) to celebrate the superannuated anniversary of my own natal day — they contributed.

Stay tuned, please — same Tejas channel, same Tejas station . . .

One Response to Brain delay: Fiesta de Tejas! stuck in the presses

  1. David Parker says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed!

    Sometimes the best way to fix the “check engine” light is to put a piece of electrician’s tape over it. Mine is on as much as it’s not. I paid $80 twice to have the mechanic tell me there’s nothing wrong. Of course, I drive a 1999 Mazda with 140,000 miles; a newer car would be a different story.

    Looking forward to the Fiesta.


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