Brain delay, rain delay — what next?

Fiesta de Tejas #2 is coming, I promise.  It’s not being easy, though.  A bit behind, last night we got hit with a string of powerful thunderstorms.  Bathtub Son #1 got stuck as a wall cloud descended on one of Dallas’s major freeways, and people headed for any shelter they could find.  We waited for him at the Myerson Concert Hall, where the ushers eventually shooed us all inside to take advantage of the concrete roof of the performance hall, over the glass of the rest of the building — rain was absolutely horizontal, and so were most of the local trees.

We lost only a small branch on our great red oak, at home — but the power went out, and it took down our network.  We’re sorta back, but limping.  Please keep your feeds on.

One Response to Brain delay, rain delay — what next?

  1. PMS says:

    Oak Cliff?


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