Spanking fetish

Start of the new school year, hits on the major post I did on spanking in schools pick up a little. Interest runs in waves, roughly with the dates of new semesters, or with a proposal to ban it altogether.

One question I get asked occasionally in e-mail is, who supports spanking? Apart from the one school district named in the article I cited in the earlier post, there is a core of supporters who now claim Biblical authority for spanking. It’s a move among religionists, as odd as any other religion-based behavior I can think of.

No kidding. Notice there are multiple parts to that topic on that blog.

It’s the comments that creep me out. These people treat spanking as a fetish. (See Frank’s comments here, or this one, showing it’s a movement (or cult).

What would Jesus use to strike a child? The question itself is repugnant.

2 Responses to Spanking fetish

  1. Badger3k says:

    Just starting my first year teaching in high school, and I say the only spanking should be between consenting adults. Of course, I was spanked as a kid, so maybe that colors my decision ;) – seriously, I don’t think that makes any difference except to my idea that spanking does not make a good disciplinary device, unless the mental reinforcement is already there. Spanking can only reinforce something, as there were many times when the only result was “so what – I’ll still do it again just to show you”.

    Dude – that Frank needs to seek therapy before he ends up on Dateline. What’s especially scary is that he is thinking of children when he describes the situation (I stopped reading after two posts – I think – so I am hopeful that he did not go into more detail). Sick man, but then, religion (spare the rod and all) can justify all sorts of behaviors to those who want to believe.


  2. I can be good at school without anyone hitting me. So can most kids. And in my opinion, 7 AM detention is the worst thing ever. Especially if I have to get a note signed at home also.

    My mom hit me a lot when I was little, and I was always getting in fights with people and stealing stuff.

    Now I live in a violence-free house and I am very well behaved in school almost all the time.


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