Anniversary carnival: Separating the state from the church

November 21, 2007

Carnival of the Liberals #52 comes to us from Yikes! It’s number 52, marking two years of bringing the best of liberalism, classic and otherwise.

In honor of the Big Bloggy Meeting hosted by Americans United for the Separation of Church and State last week in Washington, this issue focuses on issues of separation of church and state. This is the 60th year of AU — so celebrate some freedom, will you?

Americans United, 60th anniversary logo The next edition of the Carnival of the Liberals will be hosted by Neural Gourmet, and will be a “best of” issue for the past year. Here’s the official plug:

The next edition of Carnival of The Liberals on December 5th is the first edition of CotL’s third year and will be hosted by Leo at Neural Gourmet.

CotL #53 will be the annual “best of” edition. The rules for this edition are somewhat different from previous editions of CotL:

  • It is restricted to only bloggers who have appeared in CotL over the past year
  • Bloggers should send in what they consider to be their “best” post from the past year that hasn’t appeared in CotL
  • From those submitted I’ll pick what I consider to be the “best of the best” and run those (I’ll also link to the rest on the CotL site).

And finally, Carnival of The Liberals is looking for hosts for next year. If you would like to have the fun of reading ALL the posts submitted, not just the ones selected, email Leo (“tng”) Lincourt at: leolincourt AT gmail DOT com.

“Evening at the Fed” Dallas registration deadline Nov. 22

November 21, 2007

Dallas-area economics, government and history teachers need to watch the deadline to register for the Dallas Federal Reserve Bank’s “Evening at the Fed,” scheduled for November 29, 2007.

Deadline to register is November 22.

Good dinner, continuing education credits (professional development), a few good ideas for your classroom. See my previous post, here.

Brits struggle to save Sherwood Forest

November 21, 2007

Worldwide fans of Robin Hood should be concerned: Sherwood Forest is not even a ghost of what it once was.

The Associated Press carried a story detailing efforts to preserve and revive the forest made famous by the stories of Robin Hood. 900-year-old oaks, encroaching development, a sense of history, and a need to save green space — it’s a good story for warm-up on conservation, development, historical myths, or England’s geography.

Quote of the moment: Bohr on predictions, creationists on the death of evolution theory

November 21, 2007

Niels Bohr, as a younger man, at the chalkboard

It is difficult to predict, especially the future.

  • Niehls Bohr, Danish physicist, 1885-1962 – attributed by Mark Kac, Statistics, 1975. Other sources say it is a Danish pun (anybody here speak Danish?) famous in the Danish parliament in the 1930s.

And as if in tribute to Bohr, Ed Brayton at Dispatches from the Culture Wars has a collection of creationist predictions that evolution theory will soon be dead — a series of predictions starting in 1904. Santayana’s Ghost urges you to read them, to avoid repeating history.

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