208-year-old candidate

The East Aurora (New York) Advertiser brings news that Millard Fillmore has offered himself as a candidate for president in 2008.

No flip-flops — as he points out, he has not changed any position in more than 100 years.

Perhaps surprisingly, he has remarkably progressive views on issues of 2008.
Millard Fillmore (actor) announces his candidacy for president, January 7, 2008

Second Reporter:
Mr. President, there’s nothing in your record on your views on same sex marriage. Will you comment?

I was married twice, both times to a person of the same sex… a female…. and it seemed appropriate to me….

Millard Fillmore: A man unconcerned about his place in history. Millard Fillmore: The only candidate to have reduced the cost of postage.

He might have a chance.

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