Ben Stein, pick up the courtesy phone

January 23, 2008

Ben Stein’s movie defending science crackpottery has been delayed in release.

In the meantime, real science is under assault.  Maybe Stein could stand up for paying attention to real science sometime?

O Ceallaigh’s Felloffatruck Publications laments:

I read in today’s news of the school superintendent in Montana who cancelled a scientist’s speech because of pressure from antagonistic members of the community.

Professor Steven Running is quoted as saying that he’s “never before been canceled in any venue by any organization.”

How does it feel to be an evolutionary biologist, Steve? Of course, global warming is fast joining evolution as a science topic that has to confront a large “faction of society that is willfully ignorant” about it. Like the current President of the United States and several of the current candidates for the position.

If Science no longer has the ear of society, if it cannot put forth the results of its findings, good or bad, favorable to me or not, without being shouted down by those who have both reason and the resources to suppress those findings, then we have lost far more than the future benefits of scientific and technological contributions to society. Contributions that, over the last two hundred years, have permitted the human species to achieve a standard of living far beyond the wildest imaginings of pre-Industrial Revolution humanity.

We have lost the essence of Liberty.

January 28: Anniversary of Pueblo capture

January 23, 2008

January 28 will be the 40th anniversary of the capture of the U.S.S. Pueblo by gunboats from North Korea (or Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, DPRK), which led to some of the more interesting hoaxes of modern times.

Just watching the calendar in this 40th anniversary of 1968.

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