BBC’s Horizon: Intelligent design a threat to science

Greg Laden’s Blog noted the program on intelligent design from Horizon, a BBC Two series somewhat similar to PBS’s NOVA, but without political shackles.

A YouTube video exists (below); and the Horizon website has some text and several useful links — and a picture of Bill Dembski doing his best Big Jule routine.

Horizon also reported on global dimming — no, that’s not what happens to intelligence when intelligent design is taught. At least, not yet.

Sheesh! Are creationists in Texas feeling the heat yet?

5 Responses to BBC’s Horizon: Intelligent design a threat to science

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    “Culturally liberal.” What a label!

    Of course journalists are culturally liberal. They read so that they can write. They read about things, they go see things, they talk to people, they work to get the stories accurate and correct. They worry about getting the facts right.

    That’s what “cuturally liberal” really means. It’s a badge of honor. It means one is working to be virtuous. That’s a liberal bias to which any conservative should be proud to confess. The opposite of “culturally liberal” is “ignorant.”

    Alas, too many aspire to avoid cultural liberalness, partly because they’ve never figured out what is the alternative they aspire to, other than easy to pass the test to become.


  2. Mike says:

    While my lifetime of 27 years has only covered two distinct parties in government, there are within that distinct currents and fashions – witness Thatcherism vs Majorism vs Blairism vs Brownism – and I can’t remember a time when someone in government or even just in Parliament wasn’t getting very teed off with Auntie Beeb.

    I believe that the thinking is that if they piss everyone off, they can’t be accused of holding a particular bias… That being said, there was recently a fuss over a certain journo at the Beeb who “admitted” that it was culturally liberal. This was turned into “BBC Admits Liberal Bias!” in the tabloids, when all it meant was that BBC employees tend to be disproportionately urban and full of that good old tolerance for minorities stuff.

    Auntie is not without her faults; but for the most part, there’s sterling work going on.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Would have, except the British government is committed to quality in broadcasting, and they keep hands off very much. I contrast that to PBS here, which equals and surpasses BBC quality at times, but must constantly fight off assaults from federal legislators who wish to kill Big Bird, and Bill Moyers.


  4. eyeingtenure says:

    Would the BBC have political shackles by the definition of a state-owned broadcast network?


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