Jesus and the lamp unto my porch

Bug Girl has the story — and go see it at her site, and look at the photograph.

Friend, do you see Jesus? (I didn’t.)

Oh, sure.   It’s from Texas.  Maybe a trailer park.

On the plus side, there’s a poll you can crash: Do you see Jesus, someone else, or nothing at all?  (“Moth” is not one of the choices.)  The poll is by KLTV Channel 7 out in the Longview-Tyler area.

“I immediately thought it looked like Jesus and that was what was so cool cause you’ve seen His face in grilled cheese sandwiches and windows and things but on a moth’s back…we thought that was pretty neat.”

As if the moth weren’t cool enough.  Feynman was right:  The scientist appreciates this stuff better.

6 Responses to Jesus and the lamp unto my porch

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    I think he’s claiming to see a face in the body of the moth. The body goes down to a point — that’s the beard.

    Like I said, looks like some other faith’s avatar to me.

    But Ellie, look at this: A juggling elf?


  2. Ellie says:

    So….what part of it is supposed to look like Jesus? Just looks like a very interesting moth to me.


  3. ZZ Top…haha. Yeah, it does look kind of like a guy with a long pointy beard. Perhaps Gandalf or Saruman from Lord of the Rings?


  4. Bug Girl says:

    I thought it looked like ZZ Top, myself. Or Gilgamesh, maybe.


  5. Ed Darrell says:

    You know I post this stuff just hoping to get your Bug Girl avatar in the comments column.

    Thanks for the kicker — I’d been hung up on the fact that it was out in the Tyler-Longview television viewing area, and had skipped right over that part.

    And, don’t you think it looks more like Zoroaster?


  6. Bug Girl says:

    Don’t forget the part about it being on a trailer at a trailer park, too :D


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