Cultural geography mystery – What city is this?

I know the city, and I think there are barely enough clues here to figure this one out.  Let me say it is not Los Angeles, though the clues may have led one to figure that out.  I wonder if you can figure this out, or if maybe there are several places that fill this particular bill.

A friend notes in a recent e-mail:

Nothing quite like going into the nearest Vons (right across from the street from campus), hearing French spoken by two guys exiting the store, standing behind two German speakers, East German accent in line to be checked out by a clerk whose first language is Chinese, and hearing two guys rattling away in Russian in the next checkout line.  Oh–and this is after having lunch at the Vietnamese Pho/Banh joint in the same strip mall.
Do you know the city?  Or, do you know another city that fits this bill?
Tell us in comments.
Answer is now in comments.

6 Responses to Cultural geography mystery – What city is this?

  1. Ed Darrell says:

    Las Vegas. I’m impressed at the accuracy of the guesses, really — and elbogz seems to be a frequenter of the exact location.

    In 1983 we vacationed at Lake Powell. At the time I was struck by the sheer number of foreign visitors, from Germany, France and Japan. One lazy night we hit the Pizza Hut in Page, Arizona (much less cosmopolitan then than now). One couple and one family from Japan, one from France, one from Germany; the Germans left, to be followed by another German couple.

    This past summer, on the trails at the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon and Zion Canyon National Parks, lots of Germans and French. Often more foreigners than U.S. citizens. A German woman at our motel in Springdale, Utah, listed off more than a half dozen National Parks they had already visited in their two-month trek through America, from the Cascades down the California coast and into Utah. She asked me why so few Americans seem to be making the trips.


  2. elbogz says:

    Vegas. Vons across from UNLV with a Viet restaurant in the same complex.


  3. toby says:



  4. Liam says:

    The Vons store kind of limits the region. I’ll go with Las Vegas. It’s one of the fastest growing cities and I suspect that growth is due to some worldwide immigration.


  5. Don Smith says:

    I will hazard a guess and say San Francisco, California.



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