“Maybe the best reason yet for being happy that Obama was elected”

Go look at Barry Weber’s post at First Morning.

Spend at least a full minute looking at that photograph.


Look at every single face. Each face is the verse of an epic poem. Each expression is a note in a symphony. Here are a hundred eyes full of excitement and joy, and..(though these kids don’t know it yet their parents and grandparents do)..hope. This is the kind of Hope that straightens paths, brightens colors, and builds bridges to possibilities. It is the kind of Hope that I feel so grateful to have been able to witness, and even feel in my own heart.

But, just look at these kids! Whatever I might feel is peanuts compared to the smiles, laughter, and amazement of these young ones.

By many accountings, these are dark days for the United States.  Those faces show the light of the future — they may be the light of the future.

Nice catch, Mr. Weber.

One Response to “Maybe the best reason yet for being happy that Obama was elected”

  1. barryweber says:

    I’ve been so affected (in good ways) by this election..this picture is the antidote to so much of the sarcasm and pessimism that has grown like a weed in many of us. How wonderful it is to see its affect on others as well..thanks!


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