Missing the boat with iPods

January 8, 2009

Does your school encourage the use of technology in your classroom?

My school says “no iPods, no exceptions.”

I learn from P—ed Off Teacher that may not be a good idea:

I-Pods In Math

I was just about to tell Kevin to put away his I-pod, when I looked down and saw the graph of the function we were looking at on it. I did not know I-pods had this capability. He said that he downloaded a program with math applications and that is why he was able to do this.

Some days, I just love my job. I yelled at Kevin. “It’s kids like you that are keeping me from retiring.”

Who knew?

Of course, it takes a special teacher to be doing the job so well that the kids use their toys to learn the subject.  Or does it?  This is a special category of “discipline.”

How are things in your classroom today?

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