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April 2, 2009

Reformed Covenanter is a Rushdooney-loving blogger in Northern Ireland.  Here, in comments he accepts the bizarre story that Darwin was a nasty man, an atheist groomed from birth by his grandfather, Erasmus, to hate the church.

Great trick, or a miracle:  Darwin’s grandfather Erasmus died in 1802Charles Darwin was born seven years later, in 1809.  For people who believe in miracles, this is no problem, I suppose.  But I worry that they attribute such astounding miracles to Darwin.  That departs a bit from Christian theology, it seems to me.

(It’s a classic wingnut site — comments closed, don’t ask, not no way, not no how.)

Little anti-green devils

April 2, 2009

Just when you thought things were looking up for getting the facts out — I mean, even Sen. Tom Coburn lifted his hold on the bill to name the post office after Rachel Carson — along comes Green Hell Blog.

Green Hell Blog?  It looks like a vanity site for Steve Milloy, the polluting company shill who has maintained the unholy dudgeon against Rachel Carson, against health professionals, against malaria fighters, and for reintroducing DDT to poison Africa.  Milloy has a new book published by Regnery (couldn’t you have guessed the publisher?).   Title of Milloy’s book:  Green Hell.

Holy mother of pearl!  Here’s Milloy’s flatterer (Milloy himself?) railing away at educating kids at nature centers.

Can you believe it?  He’s complaining about people like Boy Scouts as threats to the environment.  One might have differences with Boy Scout officials, but criticizing Boy Scouts themselves is just beyond the pale.

One might ask, tongue in cheek, why does Mr. Milloy hate America, America’s natural resources, and America’s history so?  What does Milloy have against kids?  Then there is the creeping, nagging thought:  What if it’s not parody?

Libraries as safety nets and counselors

April 2, 2009

“I guess I’m not really used to people with tears in their eyes.”
ROSALIE BORK, a reference librarian in Arlington Heights, Ill.

Read the story here in the New York Times, “Downturn Puts New Stresses on Libraries.”

April is the most poetic month . . .

April 2, 2009

National Poetry Month. April.  Good stuff.

Farmschool lists great stuff going on, including Gottabook’s 30 Poets/30 Days.  “A Little Poem for Poetry Month.

Are you subscribed to Poem-A-Day?

Have you asked your city to issue a proclamation?  No?  Get the proclamation and start lobbying!

Get ready for Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 30).

History teachers will crack out the “Concord Hymn” and tell the story of Paul Revere, of course.  Maybe a little Joyce Kilmer to reveal the tragedy of World War I, or “Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” depending on how far the world history or U.S. history courses are.

What are you going to do for National Poetry Month?

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