Complaint against the blogger

April 25, 2009

Oregon Live!.com has a .pdf of the complaint against the blogger who carried his paranoia about Obama’s eligibility too far.

The complaint details some of the tragedy the blogger’s life has become but, no surprise, offers nothing to suggest that Obama is ineligible, nor that bloggers who claim Obama isn’t eligible for the presidency have any better evidence than the guy arrested for threatening federal agents.

Here’s the indictment.

Moral to the story?  Dial down your rage, and stick to the facts.  This guy isn’t exactly engaged in mainstream politics, nor anything mainstream. (Looks to me as if he’s claiming some connection to Vietnam, though he would have been about 9 when the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam.  Weird.)

Other stuff:

Texas Forest Expo!

April 25, 2009

Are you out near Conroe on Sunday? April 26 is the third (and last) day of Texas Forest Expo 2009 at the Conroe Convention Center.

It’s free.  It’s kid friendly ( a great place to take Cub Scouts or a group of Boy Scouts working on the Forestry merit badge).  I’d be there if I could.

Get your name on the mailing list for notice for next year’s expo.

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