Congratulations, Judge Davidian

Ben Davidian, Jr., will be sworn in as a judge for the Superior Court for Sacramento County this afternoon.  Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him to the post about a month ago.

Texas is testing, so I won’t be traveling.

We wish Ben well in his new post.  We are also redoubling our efforts to archive the Ben Davidian stories we have collected over these last 30+ years, for the retirement ceremony.  Alan Ingersoll, Evelyn Earl Jeffries, Patty Hulce and I will hold the Davidian archives open for contributions.  We’ve already got the files from Bae Gardner and J. D. Williams, from the University of Utah’s Hinckley Institute of Politics, both of whom will be at the ceremony in Sacramento this afternoon.

Congratulations, Ben!

3 Responses to Congratulations, Judge Davidian

  1. Justice Waiting says:

    Rochelle Hao, Ben Davidian, and Hilary Davisson are force of nature. If you are ever caught in their clutches prepare to serve a hefty jail sentence.

    How do u stand up against a judge, DA and a public defender that use unjust tactics and bias opinions of inmates to convict u.

    Tread lightly if u are charged with a crime in Sacramento Municipl Court. And remember that all rumors have some truth to it. I pray for this young man. Life is a hefty sentence for a young man.


  2. Laura Russell says:

    May 22, 2010

    Judge Benjamin G. Davidian Republican elect by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sentences 23-year old Lester Charles Russell Jr., African American male to 37 years to life. Davidian quotes to Imperial Valley News “it’s very rare that you can be in a position to affect so many lives and help so many people, I’m delighted.”

    Family of Lester Russell is outraged as they respond that Davidian has definitely affected their lives. “We will leave no stone unturned, to prove Lester’s innocence. It is our responsibility to prove that not only has Sacramento wrongfully convicted my brother, but they slandered his character in a way we never imagined.” Quotes Laura sister of Russell.

    Victim of the shooting Jashon Warren of Sacramento testifies that the shooting occurred July 21, 2008 he states that Russell was not the shooter during a cross examination by public defender Hillary Davisson; eyewitness at the crime scene says Russell was not the shooter. “The guy who shot the gun had dreads,” Says eyewitness

    Dreadlocks also called locks or dreads, they are matted coils of hair, Russell was known for wearing French braids which is the basic method to create African braids or cornrows the main mass of hair is initially parted into two or more sections along the scalp that are kept separate from one another. “Any hairstylist could have testified, and helped the jury to understand the difference between Dreads and Braids, but my brother says there was not even one African American juror to even explain the difference during the jurors deliberation.” says Laura

    Davadian returned to Sacramento, California in 1991, from 1991 to 2005 Davidian was chairman of the California Fair Political Practices Commission and then chairman and member of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Appeals Board. Before his elect by governor Schwarzenegger Davidian specialized in political election and campaign law. “Obviously Davidian must have been qualified to make such a decision, I don’t understand why he gave my brother in law a life sentence, being that the bulk of his career was in campaign law. How can they get away with this!” Shouts Poindexter brother in law of Russell.

    Russell was represented by California State Public Defender Hillary Davisson, who was unsuccessful in proving the smallest of facts, such as Lester’s non-affiliation with street gangs. “If a court is unable to determine simple facts such as the difference between dreads and braids that is no court I would want to be in.” Quotes “Minnesota Pastor Margaret Nutall

    Attorney Pete Kmeto was retained to assist Russell with a possible retrial after found guilty by a jury, the retrial was denied on May 14, 2010. The family believes that the courts were one sided and ruined Russell’s life. Placing the blame on the District Attorney, Rochelle Hao. “She painted such an horrific picture of my brother, says Laura. The Judicial System should not be based on taking scenarios based on past cases or past experiences. She didn’t even consider the facts. Someone please tell me where did she come up with the idea that Lester was a gang member? Gang members don’t usually go to college especially to major in criminal justice” Says, Laura

    “The tattoo on Lester’s neck says the he is from a Los Angeles Crip gang.” Says District Attorney, Rochelle Hao.

    Russell’s family is outraged as they state that they can show many pictures of the same tattoo, which represents Los Angeles Dodgers. “My brother is a fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, I was with him when he got the tattoo it is black, and represents Los Angeles Dodgers, he didn’t have a chance to get the tattoo completed before he was hauled off to jail. The Game has the same tattoo on his cheek he is not from a California Crip gang, people get NYC on them too are they all from a New York Crip Gang?” says Gabrielle sister of Russell

    “What are we going to do now? Where are we going to get the money to keep Pete, for the appeal, we have to prove that they made all these mistakes, we have to let our voices be heard we cannot give up.” Says Gabrielle

    The family is reaching out to the public. “We need to stand up for others in Russell’s situation. We need to be the voice for them all, imagine how many lives we can really change, imagine how many people lives has been ruined by the California Judicial System, imagine how many innocent people need our help.” Says Ameda Hasan, cousin of the accused.

    The family has established an account with Golden 1 Credit Union, which they are asking for charitable contributions to assist them in their quest for continued legal counsel provided by Pete Kmeto Attorney of Sacramento California.

    Golden 1 Credit Union
    P.O. Box 15249
    Sacramento, California 95851
    Account Number 292019

    “If we continue to have faith and keep digging in Russell’s defense we can prove first and foremost that he did not attempt to kill anyone, we can prove that he is not a gang member, we can prove his innocence if we don’t give up.” Says Laura


  3. […] In April he was named by Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar to a judgeship in Sacramento. […]


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