Lock up your children and diplomas: Texas Lege still festering

May 14, 2009

In Austin, the Texas Lege stumbles on.  No man’s life, liberty, etc.

Steve Schafersman writing at his new blog, Geo.Sphere, gives details probably available nowhere else on bills to overhaul Texas education again, again.

House Bill 3 and Senate Bill 3, the two identical bills being considered in the Legislature now that will change Texas education laws for student assessment, tracking, documentation, and accountability, also affect high school graduation requirements. Unfortunately, anti-education lobbyists have been very successful and the HB3-SB3 bill as currently written delays the implementation of the 4×4 high school curriculum for many years. This will have a very deleterious effect on Texas science and math education, college readiness, allow continuation of the senior-year math and science layoff, and remove the need for a variety of 12th-grade capstone science and math courses.

Yes, you need to call your Texas representatives.  Schafersman gives the numbers.  Drop by his new blog, get details, get on the phone.

Of course you know, Schafersman is also the head of Texas Citizens for Science.

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