Wingnuttery to a higher dimension: Obama’s citizenship

May 20, 2009

I can’t believe there are still people out there who argue that President Obama is not eligible to be president, and who still refuse to look at the evidence.

Here’s a measure of how far down in the barrel they have to scrape to keep this issue alive:  Check out this blog by a New Mexico paralegal who is a source for World Net Daily.  A nation loaded with good Constitutional scholars in law schools, history departments, political science departments and public affairs and management schools, and WND finds an obscure paralegal in New Mexico instead, to get the lowdown on U.S. law on citizenship.

There’s a sucker born every minute, but WND’s philosophy is that anyone can act like a sucker if you work hard enough at it.  WND is working very hard.

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Evolution 2009, in Kearney, Nebraska

May 20, 2009

Evolution 2009 kicks off Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at the University of Nebraska atKearney.

In honor of Darwin’s birth bicentennial and the sesquicentennial of his most famous work, the program is dedicated to evolution in different fields of biology.

High school instructors can get in for $75.  World class scientists like Jack Horner, Brad Davidson, Shannon Williamson and Randy Moore will present — along with world class evolution and legal evidence expert, Nick Matzke.

The main hotel will be the Ramada Inn in Kearney, where I spent a cold, snowy night in November 1979 after a kindly truck driver from Consolidated Freightways rescued me from certain hypothermia a few miles out of town, where my car had spun into nearly six feet of snow.

Now, can I find some excuse to get to the conference?

I predict:  For the 21st consecutive year since the field of intelligent design was proposed, there will be no new research supporting intelligent design, even in the poster sessions.  This is a science conference, and intelligent design supporters will quietly boycott the entire affair.

Earth images from European Space Agency (ESA)

May 20, 2009

Greece and the Aegean Sea, mosaic image from European Space Agencys MERIS Satellite

Greece and the Aegean Sea, mosaic image from European Space Agency's MERIS Satellite

Great collection of photos from the European Space Agency (ESA), from their Earth from Space: Image of the Week series.  This one is a mosaic of Greece, the Balkans and the Aegean Sea.

Surely this could be made into a bell ringer/warmup.  Check out the images for other geographic forms, and great photos of them.  Nose around the ESA site, there are some great finds.  Can you quickly identify this image, for example (without looking at the name of the photo file)?

Vintage film on Japanese internment during World War II

May 20, 2009

[Google Video version is not showing or playing for reasons I don’t know; fortunately the National Archives (NARA) has uploaded a version to YouTube]

“A Challenge to Democracy,” by the War Relocation Board.  This film defends the relocation of 100,000 Japanese Americans during World War II.

Japanese-descended American citizens harvesting crops they grew during internment during World War II. Screen capture from "Challege to Democracy."

Japanese-descended American citizens harvesting crops they grew during internment during World War II. Screen capture from “Challege to Democracy.”

“These people are not under suspicion,” the narrator says.  “They are not prisoners, they are not internees.  They are merely dislocated people, the unwounded casualties of war.”

According to the Internet Archive, the film is a 1944 production.  That site has the film available for download in several formats.  The film is collected in the Prelinger Archives.  On my computer, some of the Internet Archive versions offer  better quality than the Google Video version above.

I originally found the film at a school site in Washington, Mr. Talmadge’s Wikispace site, apparently for his classes in the history of the State of Washington.  That site has a very useful series of links to good sites on the internet for information about the Japanese internment.  There are several other topics noted there, too, including the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Whitman Massacre in Oregon, and the Nez Perce Retreat.  I’d love to see Mr. Talmadge’s plan for the year.

What do your students do to display their work on the internet?

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