Wingnuttery to a higher dimension: Obama’s citizenship

I can’t believe there are still people out there who argue that President Obama is not eligible to be president, and who still refuse to look at the evidence.

Here’s a measure of how far down in the barrel they have to scrape to keep this issue alive:  Check out this blog by a New Mexico paralegal who is a source for World Net Daily.  A nation loaded with good Constitutional scholars in law schools, history departments, political science departments and public affairs and management schools, and WND finds an obscure paralegal in New Mexico instead, to get the lowdown on U.S. law on citizenship.

There’s a sucker born every minute, but WND’s philosophy is that anyone can act like a sucker if you work hard enough at it.  WND is working very hard.

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4 Responses to Wingnuttery to a higher dimension: Obama’s citizenship

  1. Anthill Mudcrab Palin says:

    Well done Ed, but it’s pointless trying to debate these idiots as they are immune to reality. Even if Obama did produce the paperwork they were after there’d be an endless string of further objections. He’s a British citizen, technically he’s Indonesian, he was born on Mars and so on ad infinitum.


  2. It is easier to believe a series of fantastical circumstances than to believe the state of Hawaii and the FBI. I wonder what paralegalnm’s reason is for the Republican Party not challenging Obama’s citizenship? Does he think they overlooked this possibility in their attmept to defeat him? And even if they did, would Hillary have missed this opportunity?
    Oh, yes, we live in a mystical and magical world where the truth is only known by the unknowns among us. Cassandra’s progeny create their own reality.


  3. blueollie says:

    You know, there is something to what you said about the WND finding an obscure paralegal to make their “case” for them.

    This is similar to what happens in the evolution/creationism debates.

    Example: if Michael Behe had been a conventional biologist, no one would have ever heard of him. He has fame because of his work on creationism (packaged as “intelligent design”).

    The lines are much shorter on the crack-pot side of things.

    In fact, I’ve been tempted to put out a bogus mathematics paper that makes a mathematical case for creationism; I’d be willing to bet that this paper would be cited, errors and all. :)


  4. Jaycubed says:

    Some fair to good wingnuttery. What a surprise to find a WND blog not filled totally with hatred and utter stupidity, just with pedantic arguments about a meaningless issue.

    The people of the U.S. are not just happy with President Obama’s job performance, they are happy to be talked to as if they were conscious citizens rather than idiocratic sheep.

    Now if we could just get him to start independent investigations of criminal behavior/conspiracy by his immediate predecessor . . . Get rid of illegal “Faith-Based” spending . . . Support equal rights for ALL citizens . . .

    Oh well, we’ve still got some time.


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