Fun in merchandising

HEMA is a department store in the Netherlands.  Like all other businesses, it now has on-line shopping.

Inside a HEMA store in the Netherlands - Wikimedia image

Inside a HEMA store in the Netherlands - Wikimedia image

But it’s online with a diffference.  Load this page, and then wait a few seconds . . .

(Can you tell whether this is a real HEMA page, or just a good parody?  Anyone?)

(And, what kind of software does one need to do that kind of animation?  Is there any classroom use for this?)

3 Responses to Fun in merchandising

  1. efcarrasco says:

    Then again, HEMA is a bit of an oddity when I first went there. I’m not sure what their focus is, which could pose a problem. But they sure have clever advertising:


  2. efcarrasco says:

    It’s quite creative. I had the opportunity to look at this site, and perhaps they just want to generate buzz.


  3. Scott Hanley says:

    It looks like they’re suggesting going to for your real shopping, so I’m taking it as a friendly paradoy. Quite fun.

    It did raise my eyebrows to a see a portable stereo labeled “ghettoblaster.”


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