Astroturf as tool for (political) climate change – caught red handed

Bob Park’s weekly newsletter gives the story sharply and succinctly (August 6 edition):

WHAT’S NEW   Robert L. Park   Friday, 6 Aug 09   Washington, DC

They look like a grass-roots campaign, but they’re fakes.  The letters  purported to be from registered nonprofit groups.  Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA), a sponsor of the climate bill, has begun an inquiry into whether the fake letters amount to fraud.  The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity disavowed the scurrilous tactic and said it was considering legal action against the Hawthorne Group, a firm it paid to make the climate bill disappear.  Hawthorne, however, is only a contractor.  It hired Bonner and Associates to make the hit.  The founder of the firm, Jack Bonner, laid the blame squarely on a wayward employee who has since been fired. Thus was the purity of the legislative process restored. But why had this employee taken it upon himself to do such a thing?  A lowly temp, he was paid according to the number of fraudulent letters he sent to congressional offices.  And nobody supervised his work?

Dr. Park offered facts only, no links.

Let me help you out.  But a word of warning:  This campaign against Al Gore and serious science is really, really sleazy.

Who can you trust?  It’s clear that we can’t trust claims from climate change sceptics and denialists, especially when they claim “thousands” of scientists and “thousands” of citizens oppose laws to mitigate the damage from climate change.

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5 Responses to Astroturf as tool for (political) climate change – caught red handed

  1. Eli Rabett says:

    Poe on Hattip


  2. James Kessler says:

    Does that mean that 90% of what comes out of right wingers mouths, such as you, are put there by
    Fascist/Nazi front organizations, KKK, etc?

    No, Hattip, it is you that needs to wake up and grow up. You’re the one letting blind hatred cloud your judgement.

    You render anything you say meaningless everytime you spout that “Communist/Marxist” nonsense. Because all it means is that you’ve turned off your brain and are letting others speak through you.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Democrats don’t do this all the time. Republicans don’t do this all the time.

    If the facts were on the side of these businesses, why would they hire a company like Bonner’s?

    This is one more indication of the fact poverty on the “don’t like to clean up the air” side. Were there good arguments to oppose science with, those arguments would be made (by scientists).

    I learned shame working for Republicans. That’s why I’m a Democrat. Hattip, you would do well to do some research from time to time, before dispensing more information than you have.

    If you have children, or hope to, and if we continue to do nothing, they will curse you as they fry. We faced similar problems in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We faced up to the problems, passed the Clean Air Act, passed the Clean Water Act, passed the Superfund bill, and generally got about cleaning things.

    The only thing that prevents us from fighting garbage now is the will. Don’t do it to avoid your children’s detesting you — that never works. Do it because you love them. If you do.


  4. Hattip says:

    Oh and climate change is a fraud. It is just andither Marxist grab at power and the purse. People like you that either wittingly or unwittly aid them in their quest to impoverish Americans and blight their political and economic freedoms should be ashamed of themselves.

    You being a Democrat, however, know no shame. If you have children, and this monstrosity goes through, you bear a direct responsibility in the darkness of their future. In time they will come to detest you, of this I am sure.


  5. Hattip says:

    What nonsense. What a hypocrite you are. The Democrat do this stuff all the time. They have been doing it for 60 years. 90% of what come out of the left wingers mouth are put there by Communist front organizations, Labor Unions, etc.

    You need to wake up (and grow up) a bit.


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