Chinese government behind “climategate” hacking?

Conspiracy fans — a category which appears to include almost all climate change denialists — won’t like the news from Planet Green’s “Planet 100.”  This little news show claims evidence that China was the source of the hacking of the University of East Anglia’s climate related e-mails.

Why won’t the denialists like it?  They won’t like it because it makes sense:  Who stood to profit from embarrassing scientists just before the Copenhagen meetings?  China, who wished to avoid any binding agreements, would gain simply by sowing confusion.

Evidence is pretty thin, but for the first time since the hacked e-mails were published, there’s a plausible motive.   Also, the source is also not wholly pristine or reputable in science stuff — the Daily Mail of London, which specializes in gossipy tabloid news.  Watch that space.

P.S.  — Don’t miss the squid invasion story in the same newscast.


3 Responses to Chinese government behind “climategate” hacking?

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  2. Ed Darrell says:

    I looked at the first 20 of the “500 contrarian articles” (I think it was only 450, but what’s an error of 11% among climate denialists?), and I thought they were particularly bereft of science. They were opinion pieces from newspapers, or if in science journals, letters complaining about the research articles. What they did not have a wealth of was research to rebut the facts of climate change. No one has written a research article saying, “Wait a minute — Oh, gosh! — we had all our thermometers in Africa upside down for the last century, and temperatures really went down instead of up!” There are no articles saying “a new survey of 600 glaciers known to exist in the world shows that now only half of them are melting faster than in human history, down from 99.9% only five years ago.” No one has written the story that says we’ve misunderstood greenhouse gases for the last 200 years, and they aren’t really greenhouse gases.

    What sort of contrarian article could there be that meant anything? There are none of those articles in any list.

    I don’t like the denialist label, but what else fits? They aren’t skeptics, since they take it as a matter of faith that Al Gore is fat, all scientists lie, and if it’s published somewhere, it’s part of a conspiracy against the secret truth (that only they can discern). They are not scientists, by about 99 to 1. They are not mere critics, since they are partisan and will concede nothing to science or any other kind of facts (‘The sky is NOT blue in Timbuktu at this moment! It’s dark, and there’s a sandstorm.’)

    Don’t count the scientists. Count the research. Where is the paper that makes a rational, scientific case for why all the warming we’ve measured over the last 200 years is wrong?


  3. opit says:

    You’re having way too much fun with that ‘denialists’ label. It wasn’t until I was already on the hunt for reasons of geopolitics that I broke into conversation with scientists who had their own idea about ‘consensus’ science/political correctness vs. peer review. There is an absolute ton of contrary opinions : I use the plural because getting consensus on something like planetary weather is about as good as the hell we used to give the weatherman.
    CFACT and Global have a bunch. I think it was at Climategate I found a list of 500 contrarian articles…and that’s without the bunch of stuff I’ve come across just while doing my usual newsblogging. I do have special posts Dec 4 and 20 at my new location ( I noticed I had been leaving the My OPera address. It’s 2 years old and still useful – but the action is on Blogger. )


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