Monckton’s profiteering: Climate denialists rake in the money

Bizarre as it may seem, the imagined profiteering of environmentalists has becoma favorite complaint of global warming deniers.  Ignoring the fact that he’s on the board of Apple Computers and a very savvy investor, and ignoring the facts of his donation of proceeds he gets from lectures, deniers claim Al Gore has gotten rich off of warning people about global warming.

They even complain when researchers get grants to study the stuff, as if the researchers were buying Maseratis and taking vacations to the Caribbean on the money.

How could they think that?

Might it be because the deniers really are pulling in high dollar, luxury fees to campaign against the science?  Christopher Monckton, warming denialist extraordinaire, is touring Australia.  Comes this little slip of public relations:

During this tour, Lord Monckton will be chaperoned by wealthy mining consultant and geologist Professor Ian Plimer. Lord Monckton will also be getting a fee of $20,000 and all his travel and accommodation – somewhere in the region of $100,000 – will be paid for.

Who might be paying for Monckton’s tour?* China?  India?  We don’t know, but following Monckton’s lead, we might hope that the western intelligence agencies are investigating Monckton to see just what he’s up to.

$120,000 to make up political smears that damage national policies and science?  Mencken would be ashamed.



* It’s a paraphrase of Monckton, who evilly worried about funding for climate research and ill-funded environmental groups, “Goodness knows where they get it from!  Foreign governments, possibly!  I don’t know!  I haven’t looked.  But it’s certainly an alarming question:  Are the environmental movements being backed by China or India so they won’t have to compete with us for natural resources because we will have shut our industry down.  It’s a question that the security services, I hope, are looking at, because it certainly worries me.”

7 Responses to Monckton’s profiteering: Climate denialists rake in the money

  1. Ed Darrell says:


    Gore’s speaking fees all go to charity, as you know. His interviews number in the hundreds.

    That reporters shut down a heckler who wished to crash a press conference does not make Monckton’s falsehoods noble or correct. Monckton’s astounding attacks on Gore do not justify Monckton’s personal profiteering from his speeches, especially when he falsely accuses others of doing what he then does.

    You defend a guy who can’t even lie straight, with allegations against another that you cannot evidence. But even if you could, to what end?


  2. Just Looking says:

    And how much was it that Al Gore gets for his circus of lies? Was it somewhere in the order of $300,000 or so per show with no open question time at that?


  3. […] right, ladies and gentleman:  Climate Denialist Extraordinaire Christopher Monckton profits from his obnoxious and error-filled le… more than the guys who do the heavy […]


  4. Nick Kelsier says:

    You do realize, Jeff, that what you accuse Ed of doing is what you did to Mann, right?


  5. Eli Rabett says:

    Why are denialists such whiners?


  6. Ed Darrell says:

    You’re welcome.


  7. Jeff Id says:

    Nice, I received your link on my blog as a pingback.

    First, not a denialist. You’ve libeled me.

    Second, I didn’t complain about just any researcher getting grant money, I complained about money slated for stimulus to the economy being used to fund the worst science I’ve ever studied. This is entirely different.

    If you have the ability to read a scientific paper, the money given to Mann does not help environmental causes. It simply gives us skeptics another several months long crossword puzzle to take apart. It’s a waste of my time and my money.

    Read carefully, don’t libel, try to see the grey area’s in the world.


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