Texas Education Board candidate campaigns against science

February 9, 2010

Do you need to know that Texas Citizens for Better Science is a right-wing, anti-science group, in order to see through this campaign stuff from Randy Rives?

Does this photo, with caption, qualify as witch hunt material?

Randy Rives campaign materials, Texas SBOE

Caption from Randy Rives's campaign: "Left to right: Area ACLU secretary Steve Schafersman (in back, barely visible in this picture); arch-Darwinist Eugenie Scott of Berkeley, California; TFN's Kathy Miller (white coat); SBOE member Tincy Miller (in back, facing others); SBOE member Bob Craig of Lubbock. (Taken while the five were huddled in a strategy session to promote evolution being taught without weaknesses language. Do you have this sort of influence with your SBOE members?)"

Steve Schafersman, by the way, is president of Texas Citizens for Science, the pro-science group active in Texas education issues.  You know Eugenie Scott.

Rives is running against pro-science incumbent Bob Craig. You who love education, Texas and the U.S., you know which way to vote.

Endorsement of public schooling from Rick Perry’s camp — unintentional

February 9, 2010

Poster at the recent Rick Perry for Governor Rally featuring Sarah Palin:

Rick Perry Rally with Sarah Palin, HoustonPress.com

Image from HoustonPress.com

Image from HoustonPress.com.

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