Korean War history sources

March 26, 2010

So, teachers, students with projects due:  You need sources of information on the Korean War?

Posters, books, CDs, from the U.S. GPO (Government Printing Office); the posters are inexpensive, too.

Alas, some of the stock needs more orders to get reprints . . .

This contributes to why they call it “the forgotten war.”

Winds of change at Texas education board — in 2011

March 26, 2010

George Clayton pulled a dramatic upset in the March primary elections, for one of Dallas’s two seats on the Texas State Board of Education.  He defeated incumbent, long-time conservative-but-not-always-crazily-so Geraldine Miller.

With no Democratic opposition in November, he just has to wait until January to take his seat.

He’s promising change in the sharp political divisiveness that has marked board actions over the past decade, according to the Texas Tribune.

Unfortunately, the surgery-without-anesthetic on the state’s social studies standards is still scheduled for May 2010.


March 26, 2010

Jim Demint, how’s that “break this president” thing working for you?

When one agrees to do battle at Waterloo, perhaps one should pay more careful attention to whether one is on the side of Napoleon, or on the side of Wellington.

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