World Malaria Day, 2010 – April 25

April 25, 2010, is World Malaria Day.

Malaria plagues too many nations, still.  Between 400 million and 500 million people in the world get infected with one form of the malaria parasites every year.  About a million die, most of those children.  Death disproportionately strikes pregnant women, too.

Life cycle of malaria, from the World Health Organization (WHO)

World Health Organization (WHO) chart on the life cycle of malaria

Advances in medicines and advances in controls of the insects that help transmit the disease led to several campaigns to eradicate the disease over the past 60 years.  Malaria no longer torments most of Europe and most of North America, but it remains a serious, economy-crippling disease across Africa and Asia.

Malaria also poses as a political football.  Over the next couple of weeks you can find dozens of articles on valiant efforts to fight malaria, including the RollBack Malaria Campaign, and efforts by the Gates Foundation and histories of the work of the Rockefeller Foundation.  But you can also find a pernicious political campaign against malaria fighters and “environmentalists,” claiming that DDT is a magic potion that could have ridded the world of malaria by killing off all the mosquitoes, if only that great mass murderer, Rachel Carson, had not imposed her will on the unstable dictators of African nations who did all they could to prove to Ms. Carson that they were environmentally friendly by banning DDT.

All of that is a crock.  But we see it every year.

It’s already shown up in the formerly-known-as-accurate Wall Street Journal, European edition.  (Please watch — I may have more to say on that piece, later.)

Over the next two weeks I will ask myself a hundred times, why do these people fiddle with trying to impugn scientists, physicians and environmentalists, while fevers burn in the brains of children across Africa and Asia?

With action, hope is that we can save the million lives lost annually by stopping malaria, by 2015.  Please consider joining the effort.

You should wonder about that, too.  If you find a good answer, please let me know.

Roll Back Malaria World Malaria Day 2009

4 Responses to World Malaria Day, 2010 – April 25

  1. […] do not forget that malaria is a parasite disease, and that mosquitoes are only the carriers of it.  To truly eradicate malaria, we need to cure the […]


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    No, I don’t mean Tutu, who does not advocate widespread use of DDT but instead endorses Rachel Carson’s integrated pest management scheme of extremely limited DDT use, only indoors. You would do well to study South Africa’s emergency use of DDT, which was used to return to the no-DDT lowest-ever levels, when bad or non-existent mosquito control in the nations-in-turmoil next door brought, first, a flood of malaria-infected humans, and then new species of malaria-carrying mosquito (You appear not to be aware that humans are a necessary part of the life cycle of the malaria parasite, and that if we cure it in humans, mosquitoes have no pool of infection to draw from.).

    No, I’m not condemning WHO’s reiteration in 2005 that their DDT policy never changed, and that they were okay with extremely limited DDT use as Rachel Carson urged — a policy that they still have, though DDT is not used because it stopped working.

    I mean people who believe nonsense, who believe as lester does that DDT is magic powder and not poison, damn the facts.

    The more howling and yowling against, and condemnation of scientists, medical people, malaria fighters and environmentalists you heap, the more children die. I suppose that’s to be expected from someone who wishes to poison Africa, instead of fighting malaria. Yes?


  3. […] Another would be to remember that fighting malaria does not require DDT, and in fact fighting malaria might be hampered by DDT. […]


  4. lester says:

    I guess you mean people like Desmond Tutu who advocate the use of DDT .Also I gues you mean South Africa who said to hell with it and implemented DDT and saw huge declines.I guess you mean the corrupt UN
    WHO who even them finally in 2006 came out to support DDT in vector control saying science has to reign supreme over politics, btw that would be the enviromental politics. Bah just go on believing in your nonsense and spreading your filth. Suggesting the enviromental movement gives a damn about malaria is the ultimate hypocracy.


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