Joe Barton: He’s a sorry Member

Do you think Joe Barton gets it yet?

He should click through this site,, and get a clue.

Joe Barton - give that man a banjo - officia photo

Give this man a banjo, let him retire in twangy peace (official photo)

And yet, friends from Arlington say he’s done good stuff for their district, and they plan to vote for him again.


It is a statistical fact that half of American voters are below average in intelligence.  Couple that with a few thousand who actually have smarts, but choose wrong, and you begin to understand how George W. Bush won two terms, and how Obama’s popularity ratings are not pegged at 85%.

“Hain’t we got all the fools in town on our side? And ain’t that a big enough majority in any town?”

Mark Twain,  The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


9 Responses to Joe Barton: He’s a sorry Member

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    I think I understand what Tina is saying. I think.

    I could vote Green or Socialist. But alas, candidates from those parties rarely, if ever, make the ballot in my state. They would be closest to my views. Failing that, have I any choice but to vote for the lesser of two evils?

    Also, I have recently encountered in the Tea Party movement, a small group of Anarcho-Libertarians. I say “small” because I believe most TP’ers are basically conservative, Evangelical Republicans.

    The Anarcho-Libertarians, as far as I am concerned, have absolutely nothing useful to contribute to any national conversation. They defend Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo for goddsakes…


  2. Ed Darrell says:

    Have you ever looked up something that happened say 5-20yrs later..well just try it. You will see that often what media tells us at the so dramatically different than how it gets spun and the things that are really found out later. Those tidbits of what really happened, usually do not get attention at all. Why are we in Iraq? in Afghanistan?

    Can you give an example of this?

    We’re in Iraq because we bought it — we broke it, now we own it. We went into Afghanistan to expel the Taliban and, we hoped, capture Osama bin Laden.

    Do you disagree?


  3. TinaC says:

    The only reason we have elected officials as you mentioned, has nothing to do with labels of Republican/democratic/moderate/liberal. Most people learn their sound bites from television commentators. There are no real journalism guided news anymore.

    When you look at elected officials, the majority of them do not vote or fight for any constituents..people that actually vote. They are strong-armed by the lobbyists that they cater to. This has been going on full force for 40+years.

    Until the people start to realize not to listen to that D vs R and left vs right stuff, and actually look at records, look at corportations they receive a lot of money from, their voting records..then you can tell the real elected officials vs.those who are the majority of voting in step with how they are told to fascism. So it is really silly to worry about parties when actually that is stalemate when you consider that as long as they are voted in, they stay true to whatever keeps them in their job and makes their mobster lobbyists the happiest and they make a lot of money along the way. So I ask people to study, please quit voting the same names..these are the polluters, the same ones that make sure that Corporations continue to run Our Country..and make Democracy wither away.
    The ONLY way to overcome the fascist takeover of Our Government is to rally for everyone to vote by what they actually study on their own.
    So when citizens don’t like the Republicans or the Democrats..they think the government is going down the tubes..they decide that they will be Independent or libertarian..well, if you actually look at the process that the government is supposed to function according to Our Constitution, it is NOT being DONE! by 99% of them! You don’t think the swing party going around aren’t just trying to get they can just line their pockets either?
    You can blame all you want..but with so many corrupt fascist following elected officials..we are at a pretty good chance of not having a Democracy.
    Turn off the television. Quit listening to that Fascist loaded media..they are all there in one way to mislead what is really going on.
    Here is an example..something huge happens..a catastrophy, a disaster, an attack..anything huge. Have you ever looked up something that happened say 5-20yrs later..well just try it. You will see that often what media tells us at the so dramatically different than how it gets spun and the things that are really found out later. Those tidbits of what really happened, usually do not get attention at all. Why are we in Iraq? in Afghanistan?
    The United States has been used as a method to get someone/a group of someones interests done..and it usually means for making a lot of money. That is it.
    It is just getting worse as time goes on. Joe says no global warming..if he could look at the satellite images of when he was a kid..there was Ice Caps..big ones in the north pole region and the south pole region. He owns oil, he runs a district that has severely poor air quality. The companies he covers for are responsible for flat out refusing to comply with EPA requirements to correct problems going back to 1980-1990s without doing anything. How long do you think ignoring pollution and fascism can go..Let’s go visit China..that is what we want?


  4. Jim Stanley says:

    They also lost a Penna. congressional seat they were supposed to win — Murtha’s seat. Problem is, the Democrat who won is a very conservative Dem. I’m not sure too many tea party candidates like Rand Paul and Sharon Angle are going to win. Though Paul certainly has the advantage in gun totin’ Kentucky. But I don’t like the combination of historical precedent plus the current polls. I am hopeful we can turn this around, the more light we shine on how crazy the current crop of R’s are. (Like Sharon Angle suggesting on her web site that if she is not elected, Nevadans will have no choice but to use “second amendment options” to bring about change.)

    Keep in mind that I am the eternal pessimist, partly because I live in fundie country and partly because I believe it behooves Democrats to ALWAYS run like they are 15 points behind. We have a harder time energizing our base and we’ve a historic tendency (2008 notwithstanding) to take too much for granted.


  5. j a higginbotham says:

    Is it truly “a statistical fact that half of American voters are below average in intelligence”? How much, if any, controversy exists about this?



  6. Nick K says:

    The problem with that line of thought is this. This was supposed to be the anti-incumbent year. But in the primaries exactly 6 incumbents lost. 2 because they switched parties, two because of a corruption scandal and one because of a rather weird activist uprising from people in his own party.

    SO that leaves exactly one incumbent who lost merely for being an incumbent.

    And you’re forgetting that the Republicans lost an election for a congressional seat they’ve held since around the time of the civil war.


  7. Jim Stanley says:


    They expect to win back the House and maybe the Senate. I don’t see how the math adds up for the Senate. The House is another question. I think they need 40 seats. My guess is, they will win about 30 and have a net gain of three or four in the Senate. Still Dem. control.

    I do think some signs point to a GOP resurgence. Not that I wish for it. Recent elections in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey favored the GOP. Polling in most close Senate, House and Gubernatorial races favor the GOP candidate. In the Senate, Republicans look strong in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, Arkansas, North Dakota and Nevada. They look competetive in Colorado, Illinois and possibly Wisconsin. I am noting states that would be pickups for them. For us? Well, I don’t see any obvious pickups, but we’re competetive in New Hampshire, Ohio, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida (if you count Crist), Lousiania and Kentucky. I’d need to see the latest polls, but I don’t think we are guaranteed a pickup anywhere. Republicans can bank on pickups in several states. And I don’t see how they fail to gain a bunch of House seats.

    What will help Democrats is if, quite frankly, they hammer the Joe Barton apology and keep bringing up how deregulation has brought us to this point regarding banking, mine safety and oil. Our problem is that our party is split between corporate shills like Blanche “I have always depended upon the kindness of insurance companies” Lincoln and true liberals.

    Here’s something interesting though. If Republicans win a number of these seats, they will have a little problem. How will Scott Brown (Mass.), Mike Castle (De.) and Mark Kirk (Il.) be corralled on the issues of a woman’s right to choose? All three are pro-choice…Castle and Kirk, solidly so. Brown’s record can be looked at either way. Conceivably, you will have three Republicans joining Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins on social issue voting. They’ll all still vote with the horrible Club For Growth on budget matters, screwing the poor and working classes. But what will the Dobsonistas do with Senator Mike Castle? I almost relish the thought.

    But no, our safest bet is to hope that the voters see through the Obama bashing and the hypocrisy and buck the historic trend. I don’t think it’s likely, but it could happen.


  8. Nick K says:

    What big gains the Republicans hope to make? The majority of the country doesn’t care for the tea party. Half the country wants the Democrats to remain in charge. (the last two thanks to a poll released this last week.)

    And according to a poll done a few weeks ago only 20% of the country thinks the Republicans put their interests ahead of big businesses and wall street.


  9. Jim Stanley says:

    I honestly don’t think the Republican or Democratic Party “get it”. It’s just that conservative and moderate Democrats are better at hiding their corporate sympathies. And Republicans probably (secretly) agree with Barton. But they realize the big gains they are poised to make in November could be dampened significantly if they don’t upbraid Barton and distance themselves from him at this particular time.

    This country needs more lawmakers like Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold and the late Paul Wellstone. Or, if Republicans would care to resurrect Jacob Javits, I could go for that, too…


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