Snail zombies in our garden!

It became really apparent during the rains last week.

Snails crawl up the walls and plants around our patio, and appear to wait to die there.  We’ve moved them back down to the soil, and they climb up again.

Kathryn remarked at the army of snails on the garage wall, beneath a bird feeder . . . that was the clue.

I don’t think ours do that eye-stalk thing.  Worse for the parasites, most of the birds ignore the snails.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Kate at The Urban Primate.

MacDowell’s book kept me out of church for at least a decade.

In the later pages he talks about how many copies of the Bible there are, and he says that’s an indication of how accurate it is, and that it’s the truth.  That’s like saying any document I create becomes  more truthful the higher the number of Xerox copies I make.

I figured that was one of the stupidest claims ever made.  Maybe it was the crowd I was in with, but the more devout Christians (except for the Mormons, but that’s a different tale) swooned over the claim.  I thought that any belief system that was so devoid of logic, and which required adherents to abandon all reason, was foolish.

About five years ago I picked it up again when one of our youth ministers asked me about it, and I skimmed through it again looking for any cogent, careful and compelling argument.  Of course, this was long after law school and due diligence work in the law . . . I thought it more foolish than I had found it years before.

I summed it up this way for the youth minister:  If there were evidence, we wouldn’t need faith.  We call it a faith proudly, and we discuss the mysteries.  It’s a tragedy that MacDowell has been divorced from that sweet part of Christian discovery and leap of faith.  Were there evidence enough for a verdict, we’d not need faith, and it would be impossible to be anything other than an agnostic who has found the evidence.

Your mileage may differ, but if so, you need a tune-up.

Ed Darrell

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