The scientist’s work desk

This should be close to the top of “Best Places to Work.”

Condor flight pen observation booth - Amanda Holland photo, all rights reserved

Condor flight pen observation booth – Amanda Holland photo, all rights reserved

From my desk at the Senate Democratic Policy Committee I could look up to a crystal chandelier 10 feet across.  Out the west window was a view over the National Museum of Art, down the mall to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.  25 yards away, over specially-ordered Italian tile, was the gallery to the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.  From my desk at the Senate Labor Committee I looked out on that grand Calder sculpture in the Hart Senate Office Building atrium.  A couple of my memorable offices.

The work spaces I miss?  That water tank in Shiprock, New Mexico, with the million-dollar view of the Shiprock; that trailer laboratory we parked in Huntington Canyon, Utah.   That old dock on the Sawkill in the Hudson Valley of New York, by the old snag where the pileated woodpeckers nested and raised their brood.

Cousin-in-law Amanda Holland took this photo of her work station, above.  This is a place where real science gets done.  Amanda wrote:

I get to sit here for hours at a time, recording condor behavior. It does not get old. These birds are AMAZING. You can see a couple condors perched on a snag in the back of the flight pen.

Real work, for real good.  That’s always the best place to work.

2 Responses to The scientist’s work desk

  1. “Real work, for real good” is exactly what we all need. Then the physical place becomes less important.


  2. AM says:

    Very interesting.

    Has your cousin in law published?


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