BP Republicans

Heh.  The facts are leaking out, so to speak:  BP Republicans.

5 Responses to BP Republicans

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Funny you should mention Franken, Nic. I supported his opponent in the Democratic primary and only reluctantly supported Al in the general. I didn’t care for Coleman at all, but I have a general rule against supporting actors, rock stars, atheletes or celebrities who are candidates. I don’t much care to be lectured on morality, whether it is by a conservative numbskull like Victoria Jackson or Ronald Reagan…or by a limousine liberal like Barbara Streisand or Paul Newman. Still…

    …I have to admit, there have been some pretty good exceptions to the rule. Basketball superstar Bill Bradley became a monumentally good Senator and statesman. Conservative or moderate Republicans were surprisingly well-represented by Sonny Bono, much to everyone’s surprise. And now there’s Franken.

    He never impressed me in the slightest during the Air America days. In fact, I thought he was pretty awful as talk show hosts go. So when he became a Senator, I prepared to grit my teeth and endure at least six years of conservative jabs at the airhead from Minnesota.

    Guess what? Al Franken is proving me wrong. I first got a hint of the man’s intellectual heft during the SCOTUS hearings. Frankly, he humiliated the petulant Jeff Sessions and even managed to outshine some of the senior Democrats. Since, I’ve been paying closer attention. I have a feeling, Nic, that Al is going to become one of the leading lights in the Senate and a worthy successor to one of my all-time heroes — the late Paul Wellstone.

    What is it you people have in the water up there? I know you have the odd Michele Bachmann. But the list of great statesmen and women from Minnesota may be the most impressive from any state. Gene McCarthy, Humphrey, Mondale, Wellstone, Durenberger (who endorsed Obama!) and now Franken and Klobuchar.


  2. Nick K says:

    Oh, also Senator Grayson.

    I’d also add Senator Franken for going after the conservative activist Supreme Court.


  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Good catch, Nic. I wasn’t listing House members…if I were, Barney would be high up there with Anthoney Weiner and Henry Waxman. I like the “give ’em hell” types.


  4. Nick K says:

    Not Barney Frank?


  5. Jim Stanley says:

    They disgust me. But so do the big oil Democrats like Mary Landrieu. I’m getting to the point where I think the only people in Washington with any sense at all are Bernie Sanders, Russ Feingold and maybe Sherrod Brown. (At least in the Senate.)


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