Religious nut new on the scene, “explains origins of life”

“Darwinism” is doomed, Perry Marshall says. The entire theory will crumble in 2013 (like the Berlin Wall — may as well start with an offensive comparison to totalitarianism since everyone knows it will get there eventually), if you just suffer through his lessons, send him some money, suspend all logic and reason, send him some money, forget everything you learned in science, and send him a ltittle money.

Plus, he’s figured out how to reconcile Christianity and science. (Call the Templeton Prize committee.)  (No, call James Randi and the FBI fraud squad instead.)  You can take his course at Coffeehouse Theology (no Mormons need apply, but hey, they teach evolution at their colleges, so they can’t be real saints, can they?).

Perry Marshall, publicity photo

According to Perry Marshall, "Perry Marshall's books on Google AdWords are the most popular in the world." No hyperbole, no ego here.

Did I mention he’s an engineer?

Yes, Spunky, that’s your Hemingway solid-gold S–t Detector™ clanging in your holster, if you’re using the handy, lithium-battery-powered version.  If the rest of the story didn’t set your device off, the lack of an immediate plea for money should have.

Mr. Marshall asks you to turn off your Hemingway, and your mind, relax and float downstream (apologies to the Beatles).  You being a Wise Human, should just reset the device, and go back to ignoring Perry Marshall.

Do you remember when people had to do a lot of dope to get these kinds of hallucinations?  People like Marshall do damage to Carlos Casteneda and famous hoakum.

The only mystery to me is, why is Marshall bursting out on the scene now, with on-line ads that run even next to P. Z. Myers’ blog Pharyngula?  (That’s where I found him; the elves of the internest may give you different ads.)  Marshall appears to be a follower, if not disciple, of Hugh Ross.  Perhaps he’s really prospecting for leads for his business.

Ignorance abounds in the world.  The cure is knowledge and study, not more ignorance and bovine excrement.

8 Responses to Religious nut new on the scene, “explains origins of life”

  1. Richie says:

    Perry Marshall is a hack marketer who sells abundantly free information, to the credulous for thousands of dollars. He’s inclined towards the sensational in his copywriting, and believes that a divisive copywriting style is the key to riches.

    His goal is to inspire vitriol in those who will not buy his fraudulent product, and gain polarizing support from those who might.

    There’s no better way to inspire vitriol in the atheist community than to put forward a ridiculous pseudo-scientific idea, and state it as fact. The opposite is true of the fundamentalist Christian.

    He is inspired by sales, not truth.

    He should be ridiculed as an unscrupulous scam artist, with sub-zero business ethics, and dismissed without regard from any serious conversations about the origins of life.

    He brags openly about this tactic on his twitter account.


  2. Bryan says:

    Jim Stanley,
    I appreciate your digression and I’m going to push it further OT. I found this site (
    that led me to the Willow Creek site ( I’m looking at this as a non-Christian, but I am floored at the WC’s admission and they had the courage to go public with it. It’s been over 2 years. I wonder how they’re doing. I also wonder if they will eventually end up chosing (or having to chose) a specific exegesis.


  3. Jim Stanley says:

    Give Willowcreek time, Ed. I never cared for the McChurch model but to his credit, Hybels has said something along the lines of “everything we did was wrong”. I think he wrote a book or an article with that title…I haven’t time to track it down and I digress, anyway.

    I am encouraged by the statements Mrs. Hybels has made over the last year about health care reform, social justice, Haiti and so forth.

    But I agree — I am disappointed in this.


  4. Ed Darrell says:

    So, Perry is practiced at his deception. He’s been warned, and he should know better.

    No, he doesn’t sound like someone who has no clue who Duane Gish is.

    And I see somewhere on one of those sites that he’s spoken at Willow Creek Church. I had higher hopes for Willow Creek. One would hope that among other things, megachurches would have enough people around that preaching hoax theology or simply positing bogus science would be greeted with greater skepticism.


  5. RBH says:

    Years ago Perry spent some time on the late lamented Internet Infidels Discussion Board pushing his nonsense.


  6. Ed Darrell says:


    Duane Jeffrey of BYU is on the board of advisors of NCSE.

    BYU’s biology major requires advanced courses in evolution, (see Bio 420:

    BIO 420 : Evolutionary Biology. (2:2:0) (Credit Hours:Lecture Hours:Lab Hours)
    OFFERED: F, W, Sp
    PREREQUISITE: MMBio 240, PWS 340.
    DESCRIPTION: Intensive examination of evolution as the conceptual cornerstone of biology.)

    and the intro courses cover evolution thoroughly. See also the Biology MAP, which makes it clear evolution is a key part of the discipline.

    In the cross-discipline biology science education program, one may specialize in teaching evolution.

    The geology department is also a hotbed of creationism refutation, with classes that actually study the rocks of the Wasatch and Provo Canyon. Dinosaur Jim Jensen was a prof there, and they have a very nice paleontological museum which is not creationist in any guise.

    Plus, there was the famous showdown between the biology and religion departments in the late 1960s. Mormon doctrine officially is that there is no revelation against evolution, and it is, therefore, false doctrine to preach creationism. That may not reconcile well with the story people get when they get their endowments in the Mormon Temples, but the church and school have a Walt Whitman sort of philosophy about it: “Do I contradict myself?/ Very well, I contradict myself./ (I am large, I contain multitudes.)”


  7. Kathryn says:

    Are you SURE they still teach evolution at BYU and its spin-offs?


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