Tea Party history, Texas textbook version

A mostly historically accurate view of history of Tea Party-like movements:

Tip of the old scrub brush to Unreasonable Faith and earthaid.

One Response to Tea Party history, Texas textbook version

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Simply awesome.

    I missed this when earthaid sent it, and am so glad you posted it here, Ed. It’s right up there with the “It’s better in Somalia” video.

    Keeping these things relatively brief is good, so they didn’t have time to add other “scares” that sent the nutters into a tizzie. Social Security was one (1936 I think)…the red scares and blacklisting of the 1950’s…the uproar over, of all people, George H.W. Bush using the term “New World Order” and signing the “Americans With Disabilities Act”. And of course, the entire Clinton Presidency…where conspiracy theories reached a ludicrous pinnacle.

    Thanks, Ed!


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