Meanwhile, in Appleton, Wisconsin . . .


Grave of Sen. Joe McCarthy, in Appleton, Wisconsin - photo copyright by James Darrell

The world is still safe for fairness.

The world is still safe for fairness.

The world is still safe for fairness.

No resurrection of McCarthyism this year.

Tip of the old scrub brush to James.  Photo of the grave of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, from Appleton, Wisconsin, copyright by James Darrell.

5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Appleton, Wisconsin . . .

  1. jsojourner says:

    Devona, I keep thinking of the Bubba character in the Charlaine Harris novels…


  2. Devona Wyant says:

    The world is still safe as long as no one digs him up and removes the stake.


  3. Ed Darrell says:

    Let me make this clear: Ann Coulter lacks the wit and charm of Joseph McCarthy. Despite the photograph, I’m certain she’s not McCarthy come back from the grave.


  4. Jim Stanley says:

    I’m not sure at all that he’s dead. Has he been exhumed? Might he be bagging groceries at the Piggly Wiggly? If, as the B-movie claimed, “They Saved Hitler’s Brain”, perhaps someone saved tailgunner Joe’s, too?

    Or is that what is bulging out from Ann Coulter’s throat?


  5. chamblee54 says:


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