Hams squared: Presidents left holding the ham

November 13, 2010

You could call it art.

Millard Fillmore, holding a ham - by Bijijoo

Millard Fillmore, holding a ham - by the artist known as Bijijoo

Perhaps it is related to the rain and the clouds:  An Oregon artist painted portraits of the U.S. presidents, each holding a pink ham.  A big ham.

No kidding.  Salon explained:

As it turns out, “The Presidential Ham” is both real and utterly hilarious. Since 2006, Oregon artist bijijoo (real name: M.T. Horne) has painted pictures of each president holding a giant, pink piece of pork. Some, like Abraham Lincoln, are fiercely protective of their meat; others, like Richard Nixon, look proud and dismissive. But each image has a very clear and important message: I am a president, and I am holding this ham.

Some people may be suspected of having too much time on their hands.  Or too much ham.

No, Millard Fillmore was not the first president to put ham into the White House.

Tip of the old scrub brush to Dr. Bumsted.

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