Fatal flaw in American politico-economic system, that schools could fix, but won’t

November 7, 2010

. . . unless we change them soon, and in a fashion much different from what Arne Duncan wants.

John Quiggin, again:

Contrary to the cherished beliefs of most Americans, the United States has less social mobility than any other developed country. As Ron Haskins and Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution have shown, 42 percent of American men with fathers in the bottom fifth of the income distribution remain there as compared to: Denmark, 25 percent; Sweden, 26 percent; Finland, 28 percent; Norway, 28 percent; and Britain, 30 percent. The American Dream is fast becoming a myth.

Tea Partiers, most of them, believe they have a vested interest in keeping things that way, to preserve their own modest economic achievement.  And those at the top?  They delight in a little bit of “Let’s You and Him Fight.”

Quiggin’s article at Foreign Policy introduces five of the ideas in his new book, Zombie Economics; well worth the read.

Veterans Day 2010 — why not volunteer to help veterans other days, too?

November 7, 2010

Video from the Veterans Administration:


Hasta la vista, bitches?

November 7, 2010

It’s been a tough month.  But it’s not like I was away and unable to handle depressing news.

Why didn’t somebody mention that Bitch Ph.D. was calling it quits there?

Will somebody at least have the good manners and grace to let us know where those people end up?  Somebody?  Anybody?

DDT: Zombie ideas of the right-winged and ill-informed

November 7, 2010

John Quiggin’s done with his book, Zombie Economics:  How Dead Ideas Still Walk Among Us.

Cover of John Quiggin's Zombie Economics

Cover of John Quiggin's Zombie Economics

Go buy a copy.  You will be happy you did.

Today, at Crooked Timber he’s looking at zombie ideas he was sure would eventually go away — like the bizarre, false idea that a lot more DDT should be used to fight malaria.

Is Quiggin ever wrong?

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