Mandy Moore Talks Mosquito Nets – ABC News

Don’t ask me what work she’s done, because I couldn’t tell you.  I can tell — based on the headlines of the clipping services — that Mandy Moore is popular.

Ironically, in her brief tour of Africa and — shall we label it? — probably-shallow understanding of the issues, Ms. Moore has a deeper understanding of malaria and how to fight it than the most erudite of the DDT denialists, like Michael Crichton, or Rutledge Taylor.  Innocence wins.

For ABC News, the actress talked about charity work in Africa:

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Mandy Moore Talks Mosquito Nets – ABC News, posted with vodpod

It’s a case of a celebrity doing “Do a Good Deed” duty, most likely.  In the video, Mandy Moore puts DDT denialists to shame.  In writing?  Moore doesn’t come off as well.  (Did she write that piece herself?  Maybe she should write what she talks.)

3 Responses to Mandy Moore Talks Mosquito Nets – ABC News

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  2. Bryan says:

    Mandy Moore is a more than suitable counter to the good Dr Rutledge’s current girlfriend, former pop star Debbie Gibson. I heard them both on Coast to Coast radio program recently (yes, I listen to Coast to Coast, which can be very entertaining, except when they interview nutjob Alex Jones).


  3. Ellie says:

    I had never heard of her, but I did look her up. I think she will probably do more good in the world, (working with Nothing But Nets), than La Palin who recently did a photo op in Haiti.

    I’m hoping by March, I’ll be able to purchase a couple more nets. I will certainly be able to purchase at least one.


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