Fox News needs to rein in Steven Milloy

The stuff NPR’s money guy said is rather pale by comparison.  Fox News needs to act, and apologize and retract for their commentator Steven Milloy’s errors and rash claims, if their commentator won’t.

5 Responses to Fox News needs to rein in Steven Milloy

  1. Jim says:

    Hi Mark!

    It’s okay when Fox News does it. It’s wrong when anyone else does it.

    Please make a note of it. ;-)



  2. John Mashey says:

    Holding ny breath for this to happen is not in the cards.


  3. mark says:

    Schiller prefaced his “offensive” remarks by stating they were his own opinions, not those of NPR (“Taking off my NPR hat…”). On the other hand, Fox News boss Ailes sends his people memos on how to spin the “news” in an anti-Obama/Democratic Party manner.


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  5. Nick K says:

    Faux take responsibility for something?

    You know damn well, Ed, that the far right wing doesn’t even know what “responsibility” means


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