Goldie Taylor at Why Obama shouldn’t have to “show his papers”

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15 Responses to Goldie Taylor at Why Obama shouldn’t have to “show his papers”

  1. hermina says:


    Goldie Taylor at Why Obama shouldn’t have to “show his papers” | Millard Fillmore's Bathtub


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  3. Big Steve says:

    Write that one down, Jim. You got it right. The left is calling for Obama’s head. Some on the left are calling for his head becaue he is not radical enough. But most on the left are not nearly as radical as Obama, and they are calling for his head for being politically, economically, militarily, and internationally inept. Here’s a question for you: Can you name one thing that Obama has done right? No fair using generalities or giving him credit for other people’s work. For instance, Obama isn’t the one who ordered bin Laden killed. But he was the one who insulted all servicemen by ordering a full religious ceremony for his burial even though American servicemen are denied the right to have the word “God’ uttered at their funerals. C’mon, Jim Whatcha got?


  4. Jim says:

    Howdy, Patrick! Thanks for sharing your views. Would you mind if I interact with them a bit?

    First, you say…”Call Mr. Obama anything other than Mr. President”

    We might have some common ground on this point. I get a little annoyed with people in either party who are so easily torqued off. I think the President works for me, not the other way around. Now, I do respect the office and I frequently use the title, “Mr. President” or “the President”. But I also call him POTUS, the Prez, the Commander in Chief, the Chief Executive, “44”, Mr. Obama, Barack, Barry and even just, “Obama”. I would, of course, address him as Mr. President/the President in person or in a formal article/column. But yes! I have had people suggest that I am being disrespectful calling him something else. That’s a bit picky, don’t you think? I still sometimes refer to President Bush (43) as “The Decider”. I disrespect the man’s policies and ideas. Not the man himself. Good to know we agree.

    “criticize his policies”

    Oh, trust me. I’ve been exhaustively critical of his policies. I would prefer a liberal President for once. I am tired of corporate shills.

    “his lack of reaching across the aisle”

    Ex-squeeze me?

    Barry has done nothing BUT reach across the aisle. Rather than starting the health care reform debate with the default position of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (which was far enough right, thank you very much)…Obama entered the debate handing the anarcho-conservatives almost everything but the kitchen sink. Forget single payer. Public option? It is to laugh. No, let’s not meet Republicans halfway. Let’s go all the way to their tent and just ask them to peek outside. He changed the tone in Washington, alright. Instead of tough negotiation, he pretty much said from the get-go —
    “Thank you, Ma’am. May I please have another?”

    (I confess, you might have to be “Diaper” Dave Vitter to understand that last statement…but google it.)

    You continue…”ask when the economy will get better, ask when unemployment will go under 8% or be critical in any manner”

    Who is NOT asking these questions of the President, Patrick?

    In the last 48 hours, I have heard Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell, Keith Olbermann, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press, Paul Krugman and Bob Reich ask these specific questions. NPR, Sojourners, Bloomberg News, Mother Jones, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, The Nation, The American Prospect, The Economist and BBC America have asked as well.

    Are they racist? Are they part of the right wing media? Do you read or watch anything but Fox? And sure…Fox is asking, too. Good on them for doing it.

    You continue, “The left found it fine to show Bush as an idiot, Cheney as a mass murder and puppetmaster but that was OK.”

    The mass murder meme, I admit, was a bit stretched. Though it is closer to reality than my friends on the right think. What else do you call it when we invade and occupy a country — slaughtering its soldiers and many civilians — that never attacked us and did not invade or attack an ally? The right and President Reagan were a thousand percent correct when they referred to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as mass murder. Why is it only mass murder when the Russians do it? Iraq had no WMDs and even if it did, so what? So does China. So does Israel. So does India. Why did we choose to commit the atrocity that was the second Iraq war, rather than attack…oh I dunno…North Korea? You know darn well, Patrick. It’s because Bush (the idiot) and Cheney (the puppetmaster) knew they could sell the totally disproven Saddam-Al Qaeda link to a weak minded, easily-led electorate. And they knew that “a good war” was what The Decider needed to eke out a victory in 2004 over a proven war hero who did NOT desert his post. The truly just war — the one in Afghanistan — was a battle The Decider lost the stomach for pretty early on. Remember this lovely line, “bin Laden? I don’t really think about him much at all anymore.”

    It was okay for the left to say these things. Because they were true. And it wasn’t just the left saying it, Patrick. There were some courageous voices in the center and even on the right who said it, too.

    When Obama is wrong — and Lord knows, the man has been wrong on several fronts — most of the lefties I know, including African-Americans, — are perfectly willing to call him on it.


  5. elevatorlaw says:

    Call Mr. Obama anything other than Mr. President, criticize his policies, disagree with his lack of reaching across the aisle, ask when the economy will get better, ask when unemployment will go under 8% or be critical in any manner and you will be labelled a racist. The left found it fine to show Bush as an idiot, Cheney as a mass murder and puppetmaster but that was OK.


  6. Nick K says:

    You know, prosecuting Bush, Cheney, and company for war crimes and crimes against humanity is becoming increasingly appealing to me…..

    After all, since the birther movement is part of the right wings payback for “*gasp* the black man won!” then I think there is some merit in returning the favor…..


  7. Jim says:

    Hie Ellie!

    You’re right, of course. No one can even file to run for President of the United States w/o producing a birth certificate. This applied to John McCain as well as all the Republican and Democratic candidates in the primary fields.

    I find it fascinating that when McCain’s place of birth — a U.S. Military Base in Panama that was technically U.S. soil — was questioned; the supposedly left-leaning news media IMMEDIATELY quashed the story. Why? Because there was no story. They practiced good, unbiased journalism and did all due diligence.

    The same should have been true with the Obama birth certficate. But the press helped fan the flames of stupid and kept this non-story alive for four years.

    That’s some left-wing press we have!


  8. Ellie says:

    He produced his birth certificate when he was supposed to, back in 2008. The only reason there was a “movement,” was because he is a Scary Black Man in the WHITEhouse.


  9. Jim says:

    Hi David!

    I’m surprised to see you back here. Candidly, I would be embarrassed…based on how you have been “schooled” repeatedly in other threads and have then refused to return and either defend your flaccid argument or admit you’ve been bested.

    Did you want, as a young lad, to grow up and be a chew toy? I find that hard to believe. You might consider seeking help for some sort of masochistic tendencies; though I hasten to add that I am not a professional. Perhaps another diagnosis is possible.

    I swear, this is what bothers me most about several of you here — and why I actually admire certain other conservatives. You vomit on Ed’s blog and run away like mouthy little pricks on the school bus who shout insults and then hide behind the driver, rather than take the beating you deserve.

    Certain regulars here definitely disagree with Ed and others of us. But they have the stones to stick around and debate. A few actually do quite well.

    But you, David, and several others — no such luck. You puke your hatred, conspiracy theories and fatuous ideas…and then run. I highly doubt you’ll be back until the next time you have a furball to hork up.

    But we’re waiting…do surprise us this time.


  10. Nick K says:

    Oh I forgot the state of Hawaii too and Hawaii’s Republican governor and the family of the doctor whos signature is on the birth certificate.

    Meaning, you birthers are expecting us to buy that there is a near 50 year conspiracy going on here that has somehow managed to fool the CIA, the NSA, the Secret Service, the FBI, the Bush administration, the McCain campaign, the Clinton Campaign, the RNC and DNC and the state of Hawaii and the family of the aforementioned doctor.

    And your evidence to back that claim? Oh wait…that’s right…you have absolutely none. I know you right wingers like acting like fascists but you might want to bother to remember the operating principle of US law is innocent until proven guilty.

    Meaning, David, Obama doesn’t have to prove you wrong. You have to prove yourself right.

    And you don’t even attempt to.

    So either start showing your evidence to back your claim or have the honesty and decency to shut up and admit you’re being a stupid idiot.


  11. Nick K says:

    David writes:
    so it is racist to ask whether Obama will show is long form birth certificate

    So you can come up with evidence to show that white presidential candidates were asked to do the same?

    And what exact evidence do you have to suggest that Obama somehow managed to fool the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Secret Service, the Republican National party, the Democrat National party, the Clinton Campaign, the McCain campaign, and the Bush administration?

    Have you even attempted to think through that? Does that contention even sound reasonable?

    Tell me, if it wasn’t about race then exactly how did McCain get to run for President with noone questioning whether he was a natural born citizen? after all..he was born in Panama. How come there were no questions about George Romney’s qualifications to run for the Republican nomination in 1968 when he was born in Mexico? How come there are people saying that because Obama’s father was born in a different country means that Obama can’t possibly be a natural born citizen but the fact that Trump’s mother was born in Scotland doesn’t mean Donald isn’t a natural born citizen?

    What difference is there besides skin color that allows George Romney, John McCain and The Donald to skate on this issue but allows you and the other right wingers to constantly question whether Obama is a natural born citizen?

    To quote:
    We know Obama was a beneficary of Affirmative action as was his wife because he has said SO.

    Oh you mean like how George W Bush was the beneficiary of a different kind of affirmative action?


  12. Ed Darrell says:

    Like hello , wasnt there a wholly successful civil rights movement since then…

    No. The lack of success is made apparent by the campaign against Obama. No white candidate in a similar position has undergone the same persecution, ever.

    Your assumption is that, somehow, the U.S. Constitution shouldn’t apply to Obama. Why do yo make that assumption? Why do you not make that assumption for any similarly situated white candidate?


  13. David Xavier says:

    oh where to start, …so it is racist to ask whether Obama will show is long form birth certificate because Goldie’s has a passed down ancedote that has her great great great grandfather, some 100 years ago being asked for and put in jail because he didnt have any papers …solely for being black? Like hello , wasnt there a wholly successful civil rights movement since then…but as Goldie says herself ( (assumely into a mirror), “…for some people it will never be enough”.

    Obama did NOT have to show his long birth certificate- he CHOSE to because Donald Trump was waging a political campagin against Obama and Obama took the political decision to release it. And now lets see how Obama plays this against Trump. It became a negative so Obama dispensed with it… no personnal principle here just the raw political.

    And Goldie btw – a sitting President was being asked to release his full birth certificate because the fawning mainstream press which badgered Bush McCain and Kerry for transcripts , faked National guard service documents and birth cert/health docs ( McCain) but let Obama off the hook as they didnt want to poison the historical election of a Half Black/half white man…is that racist? Candidates need to be vetted without fear or favour…the failure in this process led to the sad situation we had to day…where Obama could no longer justify his non disclosure of his long form birth certificate.

    And when Trump refers to Obama playing basketball instead of doing his job ( Obama played basketball at high school , it was part of his campagin , he played it at the Whitehouse) Goldie thinks thats a racist sterotype even though the Obama persona heavily involves his love of basketball. We know Obama was a beneficary of Affirmative action as was his wife because he has said SO. To what extent we do not know and that he did well out of it with good marks ..means nothing , it was the method of entry that is suspect and its fundamental unfairness to other participants who may have better grades. Trump will use this to undermine the ‘Obama is smartest guy in room narrative’…politics is brutal..but look what Bush’s opponents did to him.

    The requesting for the Obama birth certificate was reasonable as: a) it is required to test a requirement of the constitution, his fathers non-american nationality and place of birth was in doubt ( well subject to rumours anyhow). B) Obama is of the left. The lefts tradition is transgression and revolution ..change and ( so called) progress. So suspicion that Obama was thumbing his nose at the Constitution was justified….especially since its release have easily dissapated the rumours early on. c) his intransigence in not releasing the document and fighting various court actions in compelling him consolided suspicion. In other words his actions were akin to concealment especially since the the live birth cert was so underwhelming d) He’s a leftie Democract whose messing the country up( well you have to be honest ..which is more than what Goldie is)


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  15. Girly says:

    I haven’t always agreed that GOP (or anyone’s) criticism of Barack Obama was racially motivated. But Goldie Taylor made the best argument/commentary on why the birther issue is racist and people like Donald Trump should be terribly ashamed of himself – but why would he start now.

    Thanks for posting it.


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